the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Hey mate yeah its been a bit of a journey, but looking at it this arvo [ with a huge grin on me mush] I reckon its been worth it, ill post another pick next week when I put the new rear wheels on.
Really very nice from both conceptual thinking to execution. I love the packaging with a reverse starter location - gives good potential for low ground clearance.

Not many guys who dare and start to build a gearbox ...... and cooperate that well. I am already keen to see how it runs - Big applause from my side - really well done !
Both of you guys should be absolutely proud of your accomplishments! Hurry up so we can see some videos in action and give us some feedback on how the car is and the new transaxel. Thanks for keeping it intresting and letting all of us come along for the ride! Rod
Its not cross threaded, there are 3 of those and the washer is to provide a safety stop for the Axle bearing, they carry no load
Spent the morning making up a rear trans mount, 1 XD falcon mount and a couple of plates and its done , and it all fits dead center of the extension out the back of the chassis the toe links connect to, so very happy
will take a pick tomorrow when its all together
cheers John
Trans mount all done, Falcon mount is fixed to a 4mm plate that bolts to the bottom of the trans with 4 bolts,

then there is 2 x 3/8 bolts through the mounting plate welded to the bottom of the frame, I will weld on a couple of vertical stiffeners tomorrow when I get some more material.
clearance between bottom of trans and chassis is approx 10mm, so it cant go anywhere in the event of a mount failure.

I feel a lot happier having it mounted in compression than having it hanging off the top of the horse shoe that's for sure.
cheers John
Have you looked at SS Commodor axels, bearings and drive hubs? given the shit that they get from all sorts of hoons with all sorts of HP, could they be a viable ready available components.


hi Russ, I wish is was that simple, but there just a tad to long by almost 120mm, so I have to bite the bullet and get some made, but all's good I have it under control and at a reasonable price too thank god.
cheers john
X Mass time at Kaspa's shed, look what Santa bought me today, 3 piece alloy wheels with a nice billet center, 15, x 16 with an 8" back space

So I had to run down the road and get my tyres on, after driving around the coast for ages trying to find some one who could handle a 16" wide rim, eventually found someone and we were at the absolute max limit of their machine but they got the job done no probs.

and my off set is spot on as they JUST fit inside the rear clip

my only other concern was the tranny might protrude to far out the rear of the body but its fine , sits well inside a straight line down fro the edge of the rear lip

soo all in all a very successful and happy day.

cheers John

Those wheels and tires (and transaxle!) look very impressive mounted on your car. Do you mind if I ask who made the wheels for you?

That looks bloody awesome mate. Those wheels are perfect.
Russell, I'm using the Commodore hubs but as John says the axles are too long for our application due to the width and offset of our wheels. On a car with say 12"wide wheels you could have the uprights out more and the axles may well fit or if you ran 17" wheels with a big back space where the uprights could be more inside the wheel that may also help.

Cheers Leon
Hi Jack the wheels are made down here in Aus in Sydney, 3 piece alloy with a billet cnc'd center and very reasonably priced, and bloody light too for a 4mm barrel.

Leon yeah considering I bought them blind I reckon I hit the jack pot, I really had my heart set on the pin drives but it wasn't meant to be, but i'm more than happy with these, I reckon they will set the ole girl off nicely.

cheers John
Hi Leon yep there made in Sydney for the speedway guys, I only found out about them by a fluke accident.

cheers John
Well its definitely on the down hill run to the finish now, mounted the trans pump and the catch can for the breather and got that plumbed, one -6an hose from the trans, 1 -8 an hose to the RH rocker cover and a -8an return line to the top of the dry sump tank, hopefully that will keep the powers that be happy as its a closed circuit system so no need for a massive catch can.
Also had to replace my beaut hand made equal length cross over headers, as they fouled the trans, as it was a major redesign to get the mufflers to fit under the rear clip, so their under the bench for another day, and ive gone to a stainless twin system and everything fits with room to spare.

next job is to make up and fit a mount for the trans cooler and plumb that up and we're almost done.
cheers John