the Steinard MK3 takes shape


John that looks amazing mate. The knees look pukka too haha :thumbsup: Will you be able to go racing with just that roll hoop?
Looks pretty sweat. The wheels look good, Can you give me the details for the guys that made them so I can price a set of shells. I'll be in Melbourne next month going to the Singapore GP pity I can't stop in Brizzy on the way home for a gander.
Cheers mate. there's good news and great news, so good news first, as you can see in the first pic the point of balance with 30 odd liters of fuel on board is the roll hoop, then while it was on the hook he weighed it for me, a tad over 650kg so who's a happy boy then.
so as she sits now its just rear axles to fit when I get them then paint and dyno and she's done and dusted. any way here's a few pics I took before she went back into the shed. hope you like them.
John the car looks bloody superb. My M1 with cast iron chev was 920kg without the body on so you have done a fabulous job building it to a low weight - I'm sure it will be a weapon! Cheers, Andrew
I must admit considering the tube sizes I used for the chassis I didn't expect that result at all, I thought 750-800 but i'll take it that's for sure.
did some math this morning and its taken approx. 1400 hrs to build, cost wise you don't want to know. but there was no way I was going to not do the Marque justice, so its had pretty much the best of everything.
all I need now is some one to come along and wave a big cheque at me lol.
cheers John
Looks great John. I'm very envious, wish I had more time, mine seems to be taking forever. When are you thinking of taking her out for a shake down ?
Keep the pictures coming when you do.
Just got back from our Aussie holiday and caught up with John and had a look at his Mclaren M1, Quite impressed with the build and really impressed with the sound when he did a start up. Hope mine sounds as good and those feet hiding under the back are just SO.
No wonder he enjoys it there ....endless summer.
Thanks for the time John, now back to my shed to start assembly if I can find all the bits.
Hi Russell, A word of warning if you twin pipe your Toyota V8 it will sound awfull with a real poping sound. This I know from the off road guys, however Calper Trucks did a 8 into 1 exhaust that sounds Glorious, not sure what your looking at for a road car system. Cheers Leon
Was planning on a large balance pipe just after the extractors and before the muffler.
Main problem will be to get it quiet enough for them and loud enough for me. It might entail a second set of exchangable mufflers.
Reminds me when we put a coby muffler on an Morris 850 lowlight, the only way to get a warrant of fitness was to roll up some chicken mesh and jam it up the muffler. It did the trick and promptly blew out on the way home from the testing station, job done until the next WoF came around.
the last major hurdle done and dusted , CAM's inspector came today to do the log book inspection and she passed with flying colours, so she will be log booked as 2A improved sports, yeah ha. just paint and dyno and shes ready to rock and roll.

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Congratulations John! Looking forward to the completed pics!
Oh Dear , I went fishing last saturday and thought I'd test the water, so i advertised the McLaren on 'MY 105" a local motor sport site, and put what i thought was an outlandish price on it, then wed had a call from some bloke, he came to see it yesterday and put money in the bank this morning, bugger.
the good news is he already has two Muscle cars in his stable and wants a sports, and also wants me to stay involved, as they take it to the next level that i could only dream of doing.
so now ill have to come up with something else to occupy my time.
cheers John.