the Steinard MK3 takes shape

I wasn't totally happy with my front suspension set up so I spent a few hrs this morning and changed a few things, firstly the shock was mounted at 30 deg, which gave me a wheel rate with a 650lb spring of approx. 80CPM, so I chopped it all off and remounted it at 40deg, wheel rate jumped up to approx. 115CPM much better, then reset the ride height to 60mm front and 85 rear, and using the age old trusted bounce on the splitter trick it feels much better, firm but not to harsh, and still have almost 100mm total travel, @ 40 bump and 60 droop, gota be happy with that.
cheers John
Hi Chris, you can do if you'll take a dollar down and a dollar a week. I don't think ill be able to get a leave pass to come down but ill try.

Major mile stone day today, finally signed off on the rear suspension, all bolts replaced with correct length with new nylocs, all bungs welded up and alignment set and checked.
All I have left is make up the mounts for the rear roll bar stays and weld them on, and make up a new rear body mount. oh yeah and make two anti roll bars and fit them when I get some material.
cheers John
Finally all the fabrication work is done and dusted, made the rear clip mounts this morning and mounted the clip and lined it all up , and at last it looks like a car. only one major job left is fit the trans when it arrives, and make a windscreen, really looking forward to that one, not.

almost there.
cheers John
Spent a quiet Easter at home playing around in the shed trying to make a pattern for the front screen, this is version 4 and definitely the best so far so what do the masses think.

I will be doing the screen out of 4mm Lexan, would that be thick enough considering it has to bend quite a bit on the rear sides.
now all I have to do is figure out how to secure it to the body nice and neatly.

cheers John
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Looking really the business. Fran's going to need to start a "Mclaren lounge" with all the builds of that flavor going on. LOL
Fran's going to need to start a "Mclaren lounge" with all the builds of that flavor going on. LOL

don't know about that, I think he's got enough on his plate already. besides he already has the T70, which is almost identical.

cheers John
Well the more I looked at the windscreen the more I though its just not right somehow, so off it came and version 5 happened, I trimmed it so that it layed over a bit more which in turn has dropped the top edge down so its now level with my chin when seated, much better, and now it actually looks right at last.

cheers John
Are you going to have it made in glass? If not, why not just buy one from the maker of the body? I'd assume they'd have the correct plastic one.
John, when the boys down south restored the Mcbegg they continued the screen along both sides to rear of cockpit, Can see it in attached pic.


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Yeah got it mate checked the shaft today and will get the spline sorted, the dia is 1.25" so no issue there.
weighed the complete unit today 78kg, 20kg lighter than the QC model

Cheers Leon
Had a major win today, put the ole girl back up on the build table yesterday, *so this morning I thought was a good time to double check chassis alignment etc, so using my new beaut laser I plumbed down off both front outer bottom*ball joints and put some masking tape on the floor with an x to mark the spot, then did the same at the rear using the bottom radius rod clevis bolts, next was to transpose the center line of the car to the ground, and then take a reference point across the chassis center and drop that to the ground, then run the tape over it and hope for the best, had to widen*the right *side of the rear by 10mm, then*pleased to say*i'm out diagonally front to rear by the width of the laser beam, approx. 2mm,* so to say i'm pretty happy would be an under statement
good to have a win every now and then aye.

cheers John
Hi John, I have the quill shaft back spline extended and slightly machined the shaft so should be good to fit through the clutch fingers. I have the indents and lock outs fitted and almost at final assembly so looking good.
Cheers leon