This is Crazy

Pete McCluskey.

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It looked to me that they were all stoned or pissed or both. The boyfriend was useless.
There is no doubt there are double standards, for instance Jeff Young can call some of us "old white guys" and gets away with it. If he had said "Old Black guys" he would be accused of being racist.
Reverse racism is rampant in Australia and Elsewhere.

Jeff Young

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I'm confused.

Is saying, for example, that actually looking at measured data about a glacier shrinking or growing might be a better indication of what is going on than looking out a window being a "pompous arsehole?"

Or this just one of those situations where the folks from the UK and Down Under innately have such better manners that expressing their opinion is "debate" while expressing the other side is just being a "crass American?"

P.S. The "old black guy" comment was a joke. Kind of like the idea of "reverse racism." I mean, the history of oppression of the moneyed white male in "Australia and elsewhere" is, well, completely nonexistent......