This Should Be Interesting: Which Smartphone?


Good find Olivier. I have asked them if they can do one in Gulf colours. Do you think that will be more acceptable?

Perhaps with a number on it too, like 6, or 12 :eek:

What could possibly go wrong? :shifty:

How about this? Vive La France!


Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Google "selfie deaths"....seems over 50 people died this year taking selfie pictures. Stepped back over cliff, onto a railway, etc. Darwin in action!

Mike Pass

Everyone seems to be hung up on the word phone. It would be better to call them an all in one as they have many other useful features than a mere phone. I personally find the camera and video camera function really useful. Most of my car related stuff is done on the "phone" which has helped many people on this here forum. It saves me from carrying a camera and a phone. Also the ability to get some music in my ears instead of listening to screaming kids and brainless prattle on trains and planes is great. I am normally a Luddite but it's just another tool as it also measures angles. Get a handle fitted to your ancient Nokias and use it to knock nails in.
I didn't get where I am today by agreeing with people.
If these smartphones are so effin smart why do so many people that have them spend sooo much time on this and other websites asking us dummies without them questions?
Nah, I got a big Moa on me tractor that will turn yer effin codpiece into filleted fish fingers in a flash an yer frikken smartphone will suffer the same fate if yah talk on it while visitin me!

David Morton

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I think that was the 6310 Of which I have seven in a box, plus three car kits and about ten chargers. . Now I use the Nokia bluetooth carkit where the car is devoid of bluetooth.
This really is a terribly boring thread. How about listing the contents of your attic???