Tragic Hunter Crash @ Shorham Air Show

Our thoughts go out to those involved in the incident today where a Hawker Hunter has crashed onto the A27.

Seven fatalities & others injured is the latest desperately sad news.

So far all I have checked are OK. Seems the pilot escaped with serious injuries, that's incredible, but several cyclists waiting at the junction did not.


Not just the media. Residents of Bournemouth bombarded the newspapers on Saturday calling for all airshows to be banned immediately, starting with their own!

And as for some of those Youtube videos..words simply fail me.. I picked out 2 for posting that didn't seem too intrusive, but I have to say there are some very upsetting ones and I cannot imagine how the families would feel if they saw them. In one particular nasty example, two guys can be heard cracking jokes as they filmed the aftermath..

We live in strange times..
Yes mate, upsetting stuff on all this social media bollocks & some of the news papers websites too.

One of the left wing papers (the one more down market than the Guardian ..) has a picture of an article of clothing laying in the road.
Why? so victims families can see if they can recognise it ?

Randy V

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Most of the young people these days are products of the media...
What should we expect when the media seem to delight in putting a greiving family member in front of a camera, shoving a microphone in their face and ask "...... So you just lost your loved one to a hideous death - can you tell us how you're feeling right now?"........
Simply incredulous....
No common sense or decency.... :(
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+1,000 on that Randy, but it begs the question: Why do people thus interviewed struggle to answer that kind of crap in a dignified manner?

I'm quite sure I would be a little more 'robust' in my responses if it ever, God forbid, happened to me...
I was at the show and saw it all happen. It is always very distressing when innocent members of the public are killed and injured at an event that is supposed to be a pleasure for everyone.

The media have behaved in their usual dumb way in this instance by publishing interviews with so called aviation experts as to what might have happened, when the AAIB who are the real experts have said it could take months of investigation to explain the accident and even then we might never know exactly what happened. There has also been the usual over reaction to incidents of this nature although I think the CAA has reacted sensibly in this case by temporarily grounding all Hunters and prohibiting aerobatics, unless over the sea, by vintage jets. I just hope that some grandstanding politician doesn't become involved in a campaign to get air shows banned or severely restricted.

Coincidently, when I was a child I was at the Farnborough Airshow in the early 1950s with my father when the DH110 flown by John Derry disintegrated in the air and the engines went into the crowd killing a number of people. I still remember the event but wasn't aware at the time that anyone had been killed as the fatalities were several hundred yards away from our position. I understand that this was the last time that anyone on the ground has been killed by a crashing aircraft at an airshow in the UK until Saturday's accident, which is not a bad record. Many more people have been killed at football matches over the years and no one has suggested that football should be banned.

RIP to all those killed at Shoreham on Saturday and condolences to their families.

Randy, Keith, Chris,

You're all bang on.

Yet more uneducated drivel today, this time published by a right wing popular tabloid. I saw the newspaper headlines on the TV this morning & made sure I didn't accidently see any more.....

C-nt of the year award goes to the bloke who asked Shoreham Airshow (which raises money for charity, as do most airshows) for a refund.
(Apparently he was slaughtered on facebook & has now apologised but what a c-nt)



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