Wanted: Original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners

Hi guys,.....does anyone have, or know of a source for the original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners,....as pictured.

Any source would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!


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Hello Rick,

I have read many of your posts, and am most impressed and grateful with your wide knowledge and willingness to share.

I am a new and proud owner of a Gulf Superformance and love it. I am endeavoring to complete the build, and indeed make some tasteful modifications where feasible, to original spec.

I would be most grateful if you would inform me on the spinners when available.

Many thanks again!

Elliot, in Florida.
Hi Elliot,

The wheel lug/spinner in the picture on the left looks much like those available from Vintage Wheels here: Tri wing spinner flat finish : Vintage Wheels, Mustang, Hot Rod and Muscle Car

Cliff--those aren't even close. Those are traditional Cobra style, also used on the early Mk I and Mk II GT40. The Gulf cars used a completely different style, pictured at the start of this thread, and I don't know of any retail-level sources. Gelscoe and other UK suppliers probably have them. I think they were also used on the Lola T70 and other similar cars of the period. I will be interested to see what Rick comes up with....
I will be interested to see what Rick comes up with....

For the record I am NOT the manufacturer, but I will be a retail supplier of these when they are ready to go. I suspect they are 30-60 days away from being available.

We do manufacture and supply some parts such as the Superformance GT40 A/C improvement seal kit, the "toll window" vent seals and the Cobra alternator plug pigtails, etc. We try to provide quality, needed items at a fair price point.


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Didn't Kress supply them but they were breaking? They looked little me the normal SPF supplied units that been heated and bent with a hammer for the rears and ground off for the fronts. The Gelscoe units were $2k when I checked a few years back and they were not especially helpful once a mentioned they were a SPF car.
It are the front ones wich are different and agree based on original version (at least on the 1968 one).

I am interested to get them as well.

Here is what I have on my car, at all corners (not polished however)... Supplied by Southern GT in UK (back in 2012).

Elliot, did you try to contact Mick Sollis at SGT ?


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