What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

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He is building up a log book as well and unfortunately will pass this off on some not so well informed buyer in the future... but 15-20 years ago this was quite a popular thing to do. People were "finding" a piece of tubing or a scrap of seat material of a jag C type, Lola MK1, Lotus 23 ect and were claiming the heritage and chassis numbers.
Anyone in the market for any GT40, real or replica, would surely do a quick internet search and that should lead him/her to this thread. The owner of this car, whatever name he is using, would be doing himself a favor by logging in here and coming clean. GT40s.com is arguably the most in-depth online database on GT40s in the world.
I’ve never understood the need to tell “untruths” about your car, I’ve had people ask if my cobra is an original (uninformed people…it’s a RHD 289 FIA !)
I’m very quick to point out it’s a replica, no AC or Shelby badges. I’ve made it look a bit “period” but just because I like the look rather than slavishly replicating an original car. This chap should be “outed” there’s no shame in owning a replica/recreation, but it is shameful to pass it off as something that it’s not.
JMHO of course.


Wow you read up on this guy and apparently he used to sell GT40 bodies under Tolcula Lake Classic Motorsports. Along with his many legal issues.
Ughh, all the worst aspects of the classic car space - lying, exaggeration, outright fabrication. There are a lot of great people in the space, and some terrible ones.
Pantera? Mine looks just like that one, but I was at an All-Italian car show in Alameda Sunday (so I missed the wreck).

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Here is an article on GT/110:

Although I have no tolerance for anybody who tries to pass off a GT40 replica as a genuine car, I am still very sad to hear this car got smashed up. I hope it can be repaired, and also hope the driver is okay.
This looks like a great event with a lot of beautiful cars on this field.
It's bad enough when someone boasts to others that the things they own are greater or more important than they really are, but it's just juvenile and bad form really. They are soon found out and should be ostracized, but all too often they are such conniving con men that they get others to believe that they never were lying and that 'others' are out to get them. I was there both days the other weekend and saw his display, his car, the excited people reading his info, and saw his crash and the results. The really horrible and sad thing about this whole episode is that, if all you say is true, then he defrauded a charity event and each of the auto enthusiasts who payed $500 each for a ride in a 'one of a kind, genuine, 1960's race proven, GT 40! There ought to be some kind of repercussions for this kind of of larceny.
Kind of like the "Griffith air cars " that suddenly started appearing out of"thin air" I know about that one.
Not arguing if it's a replica, but if it's the ERA you reference there are a lot of mods including RHD, RH shift, different seats, etc.
We've done lots of RHD cars, including (I think) the Spyder. However, judging from the tunnel shape, pedal box and the shift-linkage cover, that's not ours.
In post #2 is that really a photo of x-1 under construction , and if so where can one find more .

Presume your referring to the black and white photo showing the bare chassis front bulkhead and foot box in steel (painted a dark blue) and the side sills and floor in bare alloy.