Who's car is this?

I thought I knew whose car this is, but did not save the pic with the owners name. I wish to give him credit in a future post. Thanks,



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That would be the venerable Bud Jones, the "Poobah" of the West Coast 40 clan, probably, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the longest running GTD in the USA, a wealth of knowledge who just happens to be a real nice guy.
Thats me, at Willow Springs on Mothers Day 06, taking an old Shelby Employee for a ride. I don't know if it is the oldest. It was finished in 1989 and first registered in CA early 1990. It has done about 15,500 miles and just recently got an ali rad and upgraded A/C system.


It's a great photo Bud, but I'm having a problem spotting the "Old Shelby Employee" in there....

Has he slid under the dash when you hit the brakes? Poor man....:eek:
Hi Bud,
I can say for sure that I was at GTD when Bud's car was packed and sent to the states. It was indeed 89, there was another fella that had two shipped to Florida Jeff White I think his name was.

The car still looks great Bud, You wouldnt think it was 18 years old! Did you ever upgrade the gearbox or still running with the same? I know you mentioned doing something with it some years ago.

Well just to say hi, and drop me a line when you have time.

Best regards

Sorry for the hijacking guys, but was wondering if any could give me some info on Jim Clark jr. & his 40. I can't seem to find the origin of this photo.
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Hi Mark. Yes I did upgrade to a Chris Cole conversion with with the quaife atb and a .785 5th gear. Sorry about the Shelby ride -wrong lap- here is the ride along. Look carefully just under the rear view mirror and you will see his sun glasses. They were not reqiured to wear a helmet which is very unusual.
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I am not 100% certain, but Jim Click owns a bunch of car dealerships in the Tucson Arizona area. If you Google Jim Click, you should come up with some information.

His GT40 was at the 2007 Portland Historics, and it is a beautiful 40. Jim is a real nice guy, and I took several pictures of Jim and my grandson Kyle together if front of his GT40. He even signed Kyle's GT40 book that I bought for him.

Good luck,