Why this forum is dissapperaring up its own anus?

David Morton

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GT40S.COM ? - It used to be international. Now it's just American crap.
None of us on this side of the pond bore you lot on that side of the pond with Brexit and Immigration and stupid politics. You seem to think that we might be interested in your stupid diatribe. You - each of you know who you are - have completely bored me shitless so instead of sending more money for a 'dead in the water' cause, I am going to throw my small glass gt40 thing that Mr Earp sent me all those years ago into the River Thames on the stroke of midnight 31st December.
I wish you all something or other but - you have finally got rid of me from this website so I am not wishing you a Happy New Year .Hands up if you think you were the problem ? You have not just bored me away from this site. There are plenty of other guys on this side of the pond with a similar mind set.::thumbsdown:

David Morton

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From someone on the left side of the pond, I must agree with the degradation of the paddock this past year!

Randy V

Sorry to see any of you go...
Politics is contained to one-single-thread. Pretty hard to ignore it for some - not so hard for others. No one has requested a UK or European Political thread, so I guess there’s a lack of interest.
Well either way - I do wish you’d reconsider your decisions.
Happy New Year to you all..

40 Bud

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David I am sorry to see you leave. I truly believe the forum is a great place to keep track of our GT40 craze. After enjoying my GTD 40 for 25 years and many track miles as well as long road trips, I sold it on to a new owner who is now enjoying it. I still frequent the forum as I am still interested in the Ford GT's history and its new brothers. I learned a long time ago that the Paddock has been taken over by a half a dozen crazies who think their opinion is the most important thing in the universe. Not many people give a hoot about their politics or feelings on global warming so do what I do - ignore them and enjoy the forum!! The jokes are usually still good. So if you have to go to the paddock just ignore the self centered politics and enjoy the jokes. All the best to you David and stay healthy.

Jac Mac

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Never paid any supporters fees so don't feel I have much right to an opinion, but I'm with Dave, none of what I read in here these days has much value. Time the paddock was ploughed up for some fresh crop!

Larry L.

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If you from the rest of the world don't contribute your own topics, how can we in the US be blamed for the lack of what interests you?

...because, 'round the world, blaming the U.S. and/or its citizens for 'whatever' is a favorite pastime...that is until help/assistance from either is, for whatever reason, wanted/needed. History books are crammed with examples.

FWIW, I still don't 'get' why those who constantly complain about the content of ONE PARTICULAR THREAD - ONE - on this or any other forum continue to return to it...and, when they do, 'choose to constantly rail against those who post thereon...and then stomp off in a huff like disgruntled two-year-olds throwing a group tantrum in a toy isle. 'Makes no darned sense to me.

If any particular thread is a source of aggravation - logic dictates one should simply not 'click' on it. Don't read it. Ignore it. Problem solved. After all, it's not the ONLY thread to which one has access. There are plenty of others.

Buuuuuuuuut...eeeh...what th' heck do I know.

(One thing I DO know for sure is there's a faaaaaaaaaaar more 'pressing issue' being dealt with in our house right now. Compared to IT the "politics" thread doesn't even move the needle on any 'issues meter' known to man.)

David please don't leave the forum completely. I consider you a friend of mine even though we have never met. Just ignore the stuff you want to and enjoy the rest. I still find the builder logs to in duplicated anywhere else and immeasurable in value.

This what I have done and am happy I did.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! God bless America and long live the Queen or England, UK............oh you know what I mean.
If you guys want GT40s .com to continue then drop the politics etc. I still answer calls for help on this site, but otherwise I lost it years ago, and at my age I don't need to be annoyed by the rantings of small minded people who like to extend their views into areas they are not welcome.

Ron Earp

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I'm still amazed that the Paddock generates so much hate. And, that the paddock is still an echo chamber for a few individuals that basically post nowhere else on this forum. Al, Larry, Lonesomebob, etc. have a couple thousand posts on GT40s.com but they're 99% all in this forum only.

Maybe I'm wrong and it is time to shut this section of the forum down. It's Jan 1 2018, maybe time for a new start.
Seriously Ron? If you look at the Paddock main page 4 of the 20 threads are mine and have nothing to do with politics. You seem to have forgotten Jeff, Nick, Doug, Terry, and Mike to mention a few.

Randy V

I’ve been trying to find a way to save the Paddock for a few years now.. Last move was to consolidate Religion and Politics to their own single threads and the Moderators have been enforcing those policies.

If we do away with the Paddock in general, the members of the forum will have no way to interact with each other outside of topical posts in their own technical forums and PMs.

Is that what we want?

Perhaps the better idea would be to just ban all controversial topics altogether.
Etc. (to be added to if need be)


Make the Paddock available only to subscribers / supporters of GT40s.com ...

Subscription Based —
Available only to Supprters of GT40s.com ..
If you subscribe to the Paddock, you agree to strict rules of engagement which would include “I will not be a whiner” when it comes to material you don’t particularly like.

Food for thought?
I really don't understand why people that are so fragile and easily offended are drawn like flies to honey by threads that bother them so much. Why not exercise a little self control and stay away and quit whining?

Mike Drew

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I was glad when all politics were moved to a single thread that I now religiously ignore. I haven’t read a single political post in many, many months now, and don’t miss them one bit. But I certainly appreciate that that thread exists to enable people to discuss, and potentially learn things about political issues and viewpoints.

I find it hilarious that a snowflake is upset that this single all-encompassing political topics thread continues to exist. Nobody is forcing him or anybody to read that one thread, and now the rest of the forum is (for the most part) blissfully free of political discourse (civil and otherwise).

I think it is sad that the mere presence of political discussion, even in a place that requires deliberate intention in order to be exposed to it, is somehow considered by some to be controversial, much less offensive.
There are 27 different, informative, categories on this site. I have looked at all of them at one time or another. There are factory sites, build sites, special interest sites, etc. Some sites hold no interest for me while others do. I own a RCR SLC so I look at that site daily. Ron put some serious thought into GT40s and there is something for everyone.The dreaded Paddock is the very last site. There are very clear warnings about entering. No one is compelled to enter for any reason, it's done of free choice. There are controversial subjects, and at times it is actually stressful. I stopped going on the Paddock for 6 month and came back. I didn't whine. All of the threads are clearly labeled. Some don't interest me at all while others do. The Paddock is clearly the most popular category on the site with almost 100,000 posts, double that of the 2nd place category. All the people that want the paddock to be closed act as if the paddock is the only reason they come to GT40s and life will stop if they don't have their way. The Paddock holds a wide scope of subjects. If by chance you stumble into the dreaded Paddock, you can look at anything. Free will dictates that you don't have to look at the controversial subjects. A while ago it was decided all controversial subject matter had to go in the Paddock. If you put it in another section, the thought police warn you and shift it to the Paddock. Those few people that for some reason don't like free speech or the subject matter have whined often enough to actually have the powers that be consider closing the Paddock. That, is probably the most selfish, controlling, stupid thing I have ever heard. We should take up a collection and have the weak willed whiners counselled. It a really quite funny, and sad.

Ron Earp

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Make the Paddock available only to subscribers / supporters of GT40s.com ...

Food for thought?
Or make it accessible by password. It already doesn't appear in search results. It could be hidden, and, require a password. So you'd really have to want to get in to the hidden, secret, password protected forum to be offended. The password would be provided by asking someone what the password is.