917 Scratch Build

Evening all, just thought I`d post some picies of my project. Am scratch building a 917, not a perfect replica but as close as I can get to it with the limited info/drawings available, I have also stretched the cockpit section 6 inches with the hope of moving the pedals back to the front wheel centre line and also to hopefully enable me to fit in the thing, I am 6ft 4 so thought it a good idea! Plan is to use Boxter S engine/box and running gear with spaceframe tube chassis and hope (if I can get E mark sorted on the windscreen) to get it road legal.

There are some other photos on flickr
917 Buck progress so far - a set on Flickr
Beautiful project. I like the idea of using an air cooled engine, in keeping with the original philosophy, and avoiding having to run coolant lines to the front. Well, you may want an oil cooler, depending on the final state of tune.
It's usually good being tall (I'm similar height), but not when it comes to mid-engine cars,
Keep up the good work, and post info as you go. Thanks.
Hi all,
Just a quick update, have shuttered/filled the left side of the car, still have some work to do around the nose area arches etc and then plenty more priming/flatting down to get a ripple free surface ready for taking light cover/side window molds. Just a couple of pics for you, although I do post them quite frequently on Flickr.

917 Buck progress so far - a set on Flickr

cheers Chris

Randy V

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Thanks for posting the update Chris... I have a bit of a problem with Flicker and my Mac computer for some reason..

Watching the scratch builds like yours gives me a whole new perspective on just how insignificant any little glitches I may have in my build really are...
Well went to the Porsche Museum this w-end and very nice it was too!! The building is stunning and the cars better, after going round the museum saw all the 917`s only counldn`t find the 23 (chassis 9) car!!:cry: Only to find out that it was in the workshop having a new "Donk" fitted, however after speaking with one of the museum guys he said he`d take us in to have a gander but only for five mins as his shift was ending, so off we went. I have a hoard of other photos that I will put up on Flickr when I have time, 910, 908 etc for you to see.
I must say that the people there (in the museum) were most friendly and would do anything to help even with my rough German (should have studied harder at school!!!)
Some pics of the 23 car

As an aside to the above, I have started to polish up the rear end and hope to get some gel/resin/mat out in the non too distant future.
Some pics