A bit of art

Ian Anderson

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Congratulations Brian

2 years ago at Le Mans you took a very hot trip in mine back to your hotel! And at that point you had not had many trips in one.

You now have one of your own

Now get yours finished to the same standard as that painting


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Thanks Ian. Still have fond memories of that trip. Yours was just the third one I had ridden in.

Doc Watson

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Very nice.... I started an oil painting of red 3 at le mans, its hung up in my living room, might finish the painting before the car.....

Acrylic or oil? canvas? questions always questions, great painting thou...

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Thanks Andy. Oil on box canvas. Four feet by three feet (or 1220 X 910 if you've gone metric.). I'd be keen to see yours.
Brian, is your car in Invercargill Classic Car Dev, as we are headed down that way in the next 2 or 3 weeks and would love a look.

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Hi Russell. Yes, it is there. 13 Howorth Street. If you happen to be there on 13th or 14th I should be there. Be great to meet.