Aero latch vs Quik latch

Dan Carter

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Looking for an opinion/review

The Quik Latch series of hood lock has caught my eye. While the Aero latch that comes with the SLC will do the job, I am not real excited by where it has to mount. The Quik latch product install differently, but my real concern is how much pull strength it has before the bonnet would fly open.

Wrote a note to the company, no response. Has anybody used this system before? The front is no concern, however the engine bonnet faces the wind while traveling.

Any thoughts


Will Campbell

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Note that on the SLC, as opposed to other similar cars, the rear cannot open unless the doors are open. The risk of the rear clam suddenly flying open is vanishingly small. This is a careful design choice by Superlite, which also has the secondary benefit of fewer shut-lines.
There are two sizes of quick-latch, make sure you get the bigger ones (about 2.5" in diameter). Also they require a little tension to keep them secure (so they don't bounce and possibly pop loose). Obviously most production cars have adjustable bumpers on the hood you can screw up and down to get the tension right. I'm not sure if the SL-C has those. Perhaps some bumpers or springs would need to be fabricated to keep the quick-latches tight.
THE new McLaren uses quick latch. McLaren used them without even telling Quick latch it was to be THE fastener of choice. What I gather from that is both no "deals" or marketing and that McLaren felt it the best trade off of quality, size and strength. If McLaren felt it was quality, then I'll let that trump my pocket engineering.

On both products, make sure you are getting the ORIGINAL and not knock off import items on anything vital or structural. There are some esthetically matching "quick latch" products on the market that could be used in non stressed areas to match the looks, but I'd check originality on large aero panels or stressed items. Some of the knock off aero latches have proved 25% as strong.
I recall seeing them remove the bonnets in a video. Usage case may be very different between the slc and McLaren; depending on how your front end is designed there may be significant blow off loads. I think in the case of the McLaren I’m sure all airflow is ducted and there are very little blow off loads on their bodywork.

Dan Carter

GT40s Supporter
The company validated the pull forces to be 150, 500, and 750 lbs respectively for the three sizes. Will reminded me about the doors locking the bonnet down when doors are closed acting as a safety lock. Using the middle size that’s 1000 lbs of holding force plus the doors as the safety lock. They seem to fit cleaner so I’m going to take a more serious look at them. Good advice to get originals and not cheap knockoffs. As for the nose, I would only use them to replace the aft aerolatches. The front near the splitter has a very intense lock down using locking pins with reinforced aluminum plate. Thanks for the comments.
I followed Pete's design idea and put the quick latches on the nose of my SLC. After his incident, I removed mine and placed them in the drawer. Someone may be able to devise a test under ideal conditions where they hold significant forces. Pete has proven that in the real world they are a dangerous choice to use to keep a panel secure. The aero catches have positive engagement, a pin through a post. The quick latch relies on friction alone. I think they will be best served on the interior somewhere, but I haven't come up with a good use yet.