Another first...Australia

Well lads....

I am pleased and proud to say that RCR has just sold its first car to Australia...a T70 spider track car.

The owner if a forum member and will no doubt let everyone know his plans.....once he figures them out for himself....
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Ron Earp

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Alright, who is the lucky fellow? I'm going to have to find something else to build now, these things are getting to be downright common!

Ron Earp

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I've already got a JH replica. It is a replica of a real running race car - looks like a real one, but doesn't run.....

Not actually true anymore - engine is running well and is to be back in place shortly! First points race of 2007 to start in one month and I intend to be racing for points starting then.


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Just a wild punt Fran, but really I wish it was me taking delivery
of one of your cars. My DRB is going rusty and I have only had it for 9 weeks.
What is an RCR worth landed in Oz?
Well Sir....
you hit the nail on the head it is Mr Flatchat himself.....he is being very shy but its time he came out of the closet....

Your DRB will be a great car when you are done with it......keep the faith

Doug S.

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Congratulations, Flatchat!

It looks like your wish is about to come true. Keep us posted, please, on the build progress, and of course we'll all be waiting for the photos!



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Very Cool Flatchat
Are you going to do a build thread?
With Frans excellent delivery times you wont have to
wait to long for it either.
Wow Chris - Congratulations !!!

If I have a sort of brain-fade & decided to do it all again - that would be my car !

Any thoughts on registering it ? I only ask because it just gets harder the longer you leave it - just imagine the head-turning power of the Lola on the street - the mind boggles !!! A few headaches & delays meeting the rules up front, but from then on, you could do anything to the car & just pay the annual QT fees - then it would be road or track - for ever !!

As Dave says, you won't be getting much leeway from Fran in terms of delivery, so you had better start clearing out the garage TONIGHT !!

Kind Regards,

Peter D.

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And i thought i could read body language.
last month i crossed the ditch( Tasman sea) to attend sisters birthday, aaannnddd to collect the ls1/g50 adaptor kit from chris.
it got a little complicated when chris moved house the day before my arrival to the outback 2 1/2hrs out of Brisbane. anyway we connected at the local circuit 50 kms out and did the deed.
we swapped a few yarns on the roadside and i told him quite strongly that there realy was only one car to build ( chris said that he might look at building something in the future when he'd had a spell from the rigures of toiling at the mill.)
Said he'd like to do a mono. rather than another spaceframe and when i mentioned Frans cars he replied that he had heard of him ( fuck -- i even told him the website and recomended he look it up.
So there you go --- it was in the pipeline all along ----
the sod , if he'd revealed that i would have yarned all afternoon.
good guy , even gave a discount for cash. cheers Chris.
NOW FRAN--- what about a roadgoing screen for the beast. it'd get the wives on side as well you know.
regards to all steve. C


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After seeing this one in the flesh at the recent Australian Cobra nationals,Goulburn- near Canberra, I'm really excited now! It's the sweetest little car and I beleive it will be the next replica craze --- should be easy to build and road register in this country too.
Looked like a hot knife through butter when it cut some laps around the Wakefield Park race circuit



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Thats good news about licensing in Australia. How it will go passing the 7000nm per degree torsion test?
I think I may have to make a trip to QLD to see one of these in person.
I suppose you will fit a GEN 3 to her as well eh?
Come on Chris give us the details??????

Ron Earp

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flatchat said:
w! It's the sweetest little car and I beleive it will be the next replica craze --- s

That is a nice car there, pretty. Is it a tube frame car or mono and from whence does it come?

Come on Chris, fess up !!

- When is the beast expected ?
- Chevy engine plans ?
- Any rego plans ?

BTW - I like your new avatar - pics of your grandson & grand-daughter is a nice touch !!! :D :D :D

Kind Regards,

Peter D.