Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

Don't buy from Darren gt forte, he's just fooling people

I ordered the windscreen in January by Darren gt forte, after a few days I emailed asking if the payment had arrived 375£.
Got a reply
Hi Krister,
Thanks for your order, I have just seen it and will get a windscreen in for you and ship as soon as possible.
Kind regards,

After that I have tried and asked him when the windscreen was delivered or when, no answer from him.
As I come from Sweden, it is difficult to try to get hold of such a strange person.
My brother sent him an email asking if he could call and have a discussion about the GT40 construction.
He actually got an answer
Darren embezzlers skrev
Thanks for contacting GT Forte.
At this time in the UK we are in "lock down" for the foreseeable future, but will be reviewed around mid-April. We are trying to do whatever is practically possible to get orders dispatched, however there is much disruption to the supply chain at the moment. Many of our suppliers are closed or working with much reduced staff number, or effected by delays in their material supply chain. Please bare with us, and as soon as practical your orders will be actioned.
Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, our full order book and our relocation to a new area of the country, we cannot look to take on any new kit orders for the next few months.
If you are in the planning stages of a build and were making an inquiry for the future then please follow this link to our build template spreadsheet:-
Weird man that you should not deal with
Don't buy from Darren gt forte, he's just fooling people

I ordered the windscreen in January by Darren gt forte,
Darren orders the windscreen at Rick Evans,
Rick Evans does also suply them to the others.
Rick Evans holds all the templates (KVA, GTD, original, etcetera)
Those are made to order and are made at Pilkinton Finland.
Rick Evans normaly delivers within 8 weeks but must say mine took about 12 weeks.

Rick Evans needs money up front before the order is final. Guess Darren didn't pay it.
I do lots of bussines with a well known Rally company nearby Darren and they warned me also.
Hi Guys,
I think I am not adding anything new, but just for everybody information, I have ordered one of the "available in stock" flat pack chassis 3 years ago and since then nothing......I send emails every now and then but obviously no answer. I am jot in the UK so basically I gave up.