CLP Motorsports SLC Turbo Diesel Build

CLP Motorsports has teamed up with Fran at Superlite Cars to introduce the first Turbo Diesel Superlite Coupe. Our plans with this car are to accomplish a cross country trip on a single tank of diesel. With MPG figures reaching close to 75mpg we are confident that with refining the setup, additional tuning, and some changes our goal will become a reality. The car was beautifully put together by Fran and the team at Superlite Cars and will be finished off here at CLP Motorsports.

Stay tuned for the completion of our build!

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Really interested in the there a blog or build/development log so we can track progress in addition to the threads here?
I think you need a few more fuel tanks in that car :) When are you going to be ready for the locals to come visit???
Very interesting guys! Will be interested to hear more about this, especially handling figures mpg etc. Can I ask what powertrain you are putting in? VAG or JLR perhaps?

Fran buddy, that is way cool :)
You guys are always welcome to visit. Our temporary shop is up in Concord and we are in the process of setting up our new location.

The engine is a VW TDI mated to the VW manual transaxle.

Fran Hall RCR

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Its a little more complex than just a TDI and a VW trans

Its the latest 2.0 tdi TDI and its an Audi trans....

This is a very very cool project and one that I dreamed up a while ago to run from coast to coast without needing to refuel...

Looking forward to sharing the drive with CLP and raising awareness of the SLC and its ability to be more than just our favorite go fast machine..
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This is a very very cool project and one that I dreamed up a while ago to run from coast to coast without needing to refuel...
I want to see your CAD drawings that detail the provisions for liquid offloading while in motion. Particularly for drivers with no "Y" chromosome...

John Ross,


Glad to help!.....:thumbsup:
Any idea when the launch of this voyage will be attempted, and the route, I'm guessing starting in California and ending up where?
Thomas, there are some minor items to finish on the car and then we will do some street testing. Then we just need to coordinate with Fran on the timing of the trip. The route goes across the southern part of the US.

We might wait until late this year because it is darn hot in the southern US throughout the summer months.

Plus it would be nice for Fran to be able to escape the Detroit cold if we do in the wintertime!!!

We will keep everyone posted of course.

As an interesting side note, the car will be running on 100% renewable/alternative diesel. The fuel is a second generation alternative diesel fuel manufactured by Neste Oil. They call it Nexbtl but we typically refer to it as "renewable diesel" as opposed to the more traditional alternative diesel fuel, biodiesel. Renewable diesel is a fantastic fuel and doesn't have the same limitations as biodiesel, such as engine warranty blend limitations, cold weather issues, etc.

CLP Motorsports is my passion but distributing petroleum products and alternative fuels such as renewable diesel is my "day job", through our company, Golden Gate Petroleum.

This is a really cool project, which is all Fran's idea originally, that is a perfect fit for our two companies (CLP and GGP) and RCR/Superlite.