CV joint removal

Gents, I need to pull apart a 930 CV joint to press a reluctor ring onto the CV body. I took a cursory glance at the area where the circlip retains the axle within the CV, but it's covered in grease so I can't yet get a detailed look. Before I tear into it, it would be useful to know whether a lock ring removal tool will be sufficient to remove the clip, or if I'll need a more specialized tool. I did check google for videos, but couldn't find anything on the subject. But I gather there are a few different types of locking rings used (spiral lock, circlip, retaining ring)


Bill Kearley

GT40s Supporter
It would depend who built your axles as to the type of retainer. Delicate use of a small screwdriver on most will save the retaining ring for reuse. Google 930 CV joints and look at images, it's self explanatory.

Howard Jones

Here's a UTube video that is pretty close. The guy sort of misuses the correct tool for our type of c clip to remove a different type of clip. You can see that the c clip tool he uses would be used to remove our clip with the little holes at the ends. Once the clip and the boot clips are removed the boot can be pulled back onto the shaft to expose the inside of the CV joint. The CV should pull off by hand like in the video. If it is tight then a big screwdriver (if you must) or a brass or aluminum rod (better) about 1/2" dia can be used to drive a stuck CV off the axles from the back side. Apply force to the center of inner race. DO NOT GET CAVEMAN WITH THIS!!!! Light tapping will do the job.