Doc's SL-C Shop


You guys over the pond are so fortunate to have so much space to put stuff.... Here in the UK, a plot that size would cost oodles of money :(

Looks great too :thumbsup:
At long last, I finally have electricity/water and completed my epoxy primer/2 part urethane floor coating! Now wait till next weekend to move shop tools and car. I'll work on assembling the lift as I go along....:thumbsup:


What I would give to have a shop like you're going to have. No doubt you're going to astound us with your workmanship, but you didn't even wait until you got your car. We're all in awe of your shop! I believe I'll be in San Antonio sometime in the near future, maybe I'll make a trip up and see the place with my own eyes if you don't mind.
Ben, et al.,

I would welcome anyone wanting to visit. As most of you know, I made a 330 mile move last year to San Angelo which adversely affected my build schedule for my SLC. But, I will be able to get back with it soon and in my new shop. Still some work to do: finish the two-post lift installation, install my rigid tubing compressed air setup, get some more storage cabinets, etc.

Rob....our "secret clubhouse" is almost done. :thumbsup:

BTW, the flooring is from As with any paint job, the preparation of the concrete flooring is most important. And in 108 degree weather, I can tell you it was physically demanding for this "gray-pelt"!
Happy to Dalton,

Wet the floor down and pour a 4:1 water:muriatic acid mix on wet floor. It will foam up on contact. Scrub surface with a stiff bristle push broom and don't let the floor dry. Rinse with fresh water (you can put vinegar in water to help neutralize the acid but I didn't). A power washer would be best tool but I used a contractor's garden hose. Rinse about 4 times, always scrubbing with the broom, or until your arms fall off.....whichever comes first.

Mix epoxy primer A and B. I had 2 gallons each and mixed 1/2 to do the first half of the floor just to be sure of the coverage. Cut in the edges/trim with a 4" brush first and them apply to surface with a large low-nap roller on an extension handle. You have about 2 hours pot time.

Mix the Urethane topcoat parts A and B (I had 2 A's and one B gallon). Roll on the topcoat with a new roller. I had just enough for the 1200 sq ft. Don't walk on for two days and don't drive on for at least 5 days.

As I implied, scrubbing the floor in the heat was not fun but worth it I guess.
I finally got the car moved into the shop. I still need to finish the rigid air tubing for the compressor (compressor still in Lone Oak), finish the 2-post lift, 2 more cabinets on back-order, need to order the shop HC. But, at least I got to turn a wrench again! Such a long hiatus from the build made it feel like I was taking over someone's unfinished project!


Absolutely superb Doc. I didn't realise just how large it was until you posted the photo of the SL-C inside. Congratulations!