Fail ......3........

Well I'm speechless .. the TOSSER asked for up to date paperwork for the rear screen when Andy of Tornado gave it to him ...................... He would not except it :shocked: Words fail me ... so now Andy has got to fit a glass rear screen . Hopefully get it back in to check ASAP ... .....

Will let you guys and girls know soon as I know .. :veryangry: Fingers crossed ...

John ....... I can feel your vibrations all the way up here in Norfolk.
In an effort to help others it would be good if you could quote the wording from the IVA test that the examiner is being so particular over. Out of interest I've always thought that the rear window had to be glass with the appropriate markings on it. That was the case when my MDA based car was tested nearly ten years ago. That is certainly the case with the windscreen, so why would the rear window be any different?
On a positive note ( I guess you could do with an injection of positivity), you now only have 1 item on the list.
Hi Steve m8 I don't know the exact wording . I will do my best to find out from Andy . Andy has put GT 40s through the SVA and now IVA with the plastic window fitted . Never had a problem . This guy hasn't been at the test center very long . Seems to be very unsure of bits he keeps calling the main office for IVA for clarification , All they say is you are doing the test if you are not sure FAIL IT ......He has picked out stuff that has never been a problem before ...
Yes only one thing now .....................

Ian Anderson

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Hey, wacky idea here!
Fit an aluminium insert in both the bulkhead window and rear clip.

Side mirrors will show required rear view.

It is a panel and can be of any material.

Hell I feel your pain, and went through S V A 12 years back.

In the case of my car they did not like th 9 hole vent above the exhaust so solid panned inserted for retest.