Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

from what Michael tells me he is cognitive but I don't know if that classes as woken up as you put it.
I remain hopeful for Tom and his family obviously, as we all do .
Oh my god.
It was a long time I didnt check my favourite forum.
My interest for the gt40s world never die. Allover in my modelling forum I am, and always will be LOVEGT40 for u all guys.

I know Tom.
He was real kindly, at the time I had a car modelling shop in Milano and he took stuff from me, calling by phone and talk directly. He was real kindly guy.
He also sent me a nice poster of the Norschleife, that I still have in my living room. The nicest poster ever, as well as the original RCR jacket I have brand new here.Of course with Scott (calabro, italiano as me) business ticket inside.

This is simply too sad. Just discover it looking around for gt40s in Europe. The color and the age of the reported people of the accident match to this.
Then I've seen this thred, only tears in my eyes now.
I just pray for him to recover and get well soon.

Forza Tom, sei un grande!
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Randy V

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It's good to see you posting again Paolo...

I'm hoping that Tom's son Michael has some good news for us all very soon..


I have not been here for years, I decided to look up some car photos and I see an orange car wrecked. Then I find out it is Toms RCR as I continue reading. Hmmm. I hope everything health wise works out for him. Sorry for the loss of passenger. Can not express the emotion I feel towards this whole thing as Tom was very helpful and his car, with the 17" wheels was one of my favourite cars here. Sorry wont help, words wont bring anyone back, so I just dunno. I feel for the whole thing and hope you recover Tom.


I understand your concerns but drawing attention to it after all this time is hardly conducive to respect.
My recent emails with Toms son Michael.

Hi Michael.
its been a while since we last exchanged emails.
I wanted to see how you are all doing and if there is any improvement for Tom.
I think of him and your family all the time and especially when I am racing as we shared a lot in common there and enjoyed talking about it.
so please know you are all still very much in my thoughts.
All of the GT40 forum guys ask regularly about you and your family too.

Hi Fran,
How are you? I am studying and it goes very well. But Tom hasn't any improvement. He is since a few weeks in a new hospital or to say it is a kind of a hospital but it is more personal.
Thank you for thinking on us. I also think often on you and the racing cars which tom has always told me.
And please tell the people in the Forum that they all very nice people.
Thank you Fran and Thanks to the Forum
Just wondering if there is any updated news of Tom's condition. Hopefully he is making some progress and in a good place for facilitating what recovery he can manage.

Randy V

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It's been a year and a half now.. Certainly the wounds have healed I would think, but the brain - now that could take a lifetime... I still hold hope for Tom and pray he does recover and can have some sort of life with his family..
Fran - if you wouldn't mind reaching back out to Michael, we'd all appreciate it..

Dave Lindemann

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As we head into another year I am so thankful for my health and the love of my family and friends. I hope Tom is doing better and that he and his family gain some comfort in knowing that there are people around the world thinking of him and wishing him well.

Happy 2015 to all - be safe!
Dave L

Randy V

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That's a very nice note Dave....

I've not been able to get Tom out of my mind for the last couple of weeks now.. Whenever I'm working on my car, I wonder how Tom would have approached things. I've read his build log a couple of times in the last two weeks.. I hope and pray that he is alive and getting better.. And maybe, just maybe - he'd be able to join with us here again some day..

Tim Kay

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....... Whenever I'm working on my car, I wonder how Tom would have approached things........

Tom's input and contribution here on the forum is surely missed but not forgotten. I too think of him and his family often.

Charlie Farley

I check this thread , but no news.
Can't forget the only time i met him, as we manhandled his RCR
out of its delivery container in UK.
God, i was envious as i hadn't taken delivery of my long awaited chassis
by then.
Such an understated chap.. and a dry sense of humour, which i appreciated,
as many would here. I wish i had got to know him better...
i'm a silly old fart, some will clap at that, but its hard not to be reminded of ships that pass in the night, sometimes.
Ok, switching off now..

I know i will regret posting this, but wtf.. what an inspiration his build thread is..