First RCR40 on the road!!!!!

Ron McCall

Well,it finally happened!! I have 4 miles on the odometer! I'm so excited I han hardly type.I just made a few short "shake down" runs tonight.Tomorrow
I need to get a timing light on the engine and go over all of the bolts before I put any more miles on it.Everything went very smoothly.I need to adjust the brakes,suspension,clutch ,valvetrain,etc.....One thing I was worried about with the aluminum chassis was heat transfer through the tunnel from the coolant tubes.This does not seem to be a problem at all! driving with the cover ,above the foot box, off does!! The air from the radiator blows directly in on your feet! I warmed the car up and drove it 2 miles,when i got back,I noticed the temp was about 200deg.I remembered that I unplugged the hard wired fan so I turned on the aux fan and within 2 mins the temp was 180.I turned off the aux fan and plugged in the primary fan and went for another drive.(car idled for about 10 mins) When I got back,the temp was steady on 180deg. It looks like my electric pump set up works pretty well under cruising conditions.In May,we'll see how it does on the track!!!

How strong does that engine feel! Man, I am jealous! My car looks worse now than it did when I got it. I am hoping to see you at Mid-Ohio in June.

Randy V

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rockonsmile :pepper: Congratz Ron!!!!:pepper: rockonsmile

Chris Kouba

Nice Ron!! It's been a long time in coming, congratulations. I can't wait til I get to post the same announcement.

I agree, got any vid to post yet? Love to see it moving.


Ron McCall

Thanks for all of the congrats guys! The car feels amazing! I still need to get the alignment settings finalized but it drives great.
I made a VHS-C video but I don't have a digital video camera.I will try to borrow one this week and get some video posted.
When you post video, make sure you stick the mic right next to the exh. pipes ! I bet the overlap sounds Bitchin with those headers....

Here's to continued success:chug: