Four Post Lift Recommendation

I’ll need to buy a four post lift before I take delivery of my ERA GT40. The GT will go on the bottom but will occasionally go up top. My car has 1075 flares so there’s quite a difference in width from front to rear.

Anybody been down this road with any input?

The Bendpak HD-9 seems to check the boxes but I’d love to hear any practical considerations. Thanks!

Larry L.

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You'll be happy with a Bendpak HD9.
Go with the standard width as opposed to the "narrow" unit. May as well have all the width you can. 'Never know what you might end up parking 'up top' or underneath one day. ;-)

(I have a Bendpak 'double wide' myself.)


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I have an 8,000lb Direct Lift and very happy with it, yes Chinese made but ALI Certified with all the safety features and has never failed me in the almost 10 years I've had it.
I have a All-Car-Park-8 four post 8000lb. lift in my home garage. This became a necessity due to the fact I had four cars and the community I moved to only had three car garages max. The ceiling is just over nine feet high. The garage door tracks and the opener had to changed to accommodate the lift. I have the C5 Corvette residing on the bottom and my CAV 40 residing on the top. Unless you have a really high ceiling, I strongly recommend that the shortest vehicle park on the top. If I reverse the order, it would be impossible to get into the 40. Those who own a 40 understand the entry issue. Note the aircraft style doors on the GT. All 4 cars are in the garage, but it's crowded.