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Could I ask where the door seals come from? I have not found witch seals that where used.

Regards Rune


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Hi Rune
The original "S" weatherstrip is extremely rare.

Luckily we were given the rubber seal by a good friend "P" who got extruder dies made using a section of the original strip and he manufactured a batch of the rubber for a few original restorations in the US.

I located a local supply of correct steel gripper and the black fabric for him so one of the next jobs is to stitch it all together.
I also purchased a Singer 29K cobbler's sewing machine just to do the job as I discovered it's tough going doing it by hand.



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This plague has buggered us up in many ways and one of them is my inability to get across England to Kent to do anything on my car for a year as I am one of the susceptible ones.
During this outage I have been making the dash in isolation with my own jigs and this morning Alistair left me a message "I need to call you".


Well to our surprise the bloomin' thing slipped in first time.:);)