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Robert S.

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(I) can't imagine a good reason why either Superformance or the Forum would not desire to stay as they were; one exception might be the payments to keep the Forum running well stopped abruptly.

(I) am so thankful that the Forum saved our postings, although I didn't see any of mine in the so called sub Forums.

(I) Opinion: also noticed the non-continuation GT40 car people decided they needed to create fake chassis numbers in a desperate attempt to create the illusion that they are as important, and as Royal as the Continuation Cars are. Good reason for me to change my Web Pages to help neutralize the fake chassis numbers.

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Ian Anderson

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Hi Robert
They certainly showed up in a search for me
like this one?

Hope the car is going well and your health holding up.


Ron Earp

Hi Folks,

As I explained on one of the other threads, Superformance might be willing to pay for the forum to continue, however, I've made the decision that the model of a handful of sponsors (Superformance is one of those) is not a long term solution to keeping GT40s.com alive. RCR, Superformance, Intercity Lines, and many others over the years have provided funding to keep GT40s.com alive but the potential sponsors are dwindling, and, the model is problematic.

Robert, the forum is full of your postings. Here is a link to all the postings you've ever made:

If you scroll down and click "See more" you'll eventually see them all. They are in various subforums. Your posts as of late are in the Paddock, but earlier posts are in the Build Log area, All Ford GT40, and others.

Nothing wrong with chassis plates in my opinion. They've been around since at least before I started the forum, so older than 2001. Unless you've got one of the original cars built in the 60s you've got a GT40 replica in my opinion. Beautiful cars GT40 replicas, all of them, again, just my opinion.