M20 Dreaming

Very slow but there is progress. Trying to get the brakes sorted at the moment. will post some photos soon.

Cheers Leon
I have to get the Bell Housing cast then I can complete the roller. I have the engine bolted onto the tub now just need the B/H so I can hang the T/A and the rear suspension. Photos soon I promiss
Leon it may be awhile before I get to my car as this weekend a crew of people spent some time cleaning out my shop of all my tools my race motors and things. I did happen upon the last part of it and it took everything in me to not shoot my .45 but I did us it it ta a flying leap snd crash it down on to the back of one of their heads and they are in jail now hopefully I will get some of it back as they had just come back and so they didn't have anything with them and the rest got away. Hopefully they get info and the prep rolls on the rest. If not it slowed my plans greatly.
Rod, that`s just about the worst thing you can deal with, they deserve all you can throw at them but sadly the law often does not see it that way.
All the best.

Chris Kouba

Gutted for you Rod. I lost a handful of guitars in the same manner, which sucked, but worse yet is that creepy feeling of someone's been in your house.

All the best getting the wrong righted and making unimpeded progress on your project.

Rod that is awfull news and I feel for you my friend. I often worry when strangers are around my workshop as it is in a factory with other businesses and you just never know who is looking at your stuff. I keep my doors closed. I hope you can recover most if not all your stuff and it doesn't hold you back for too long. Hey a bright note they didn't get your tapper reamer, its still sitting on my toolbox and every time I see it I think, Shoot I must post that back to Rod. Chin up my friend. Cheers Leon
The total is over 100k us dollar the police haven't found anything we have been watching all the swap sites but I'm guessing with the magnitude it is already out of state. I had a house fire 5 years ago and lost all recipes, pictures so insurance says they can give 20k. They took that amount in heads and fuel injection. 35 years of acquiring tools and o didn't have buy cheap tools. I don't borrow money we were just gearing up to hire a couple more service techs so I had brand new tools, torches ect for three more trucks and it is all gone too so we aren't going to hire now till I can recover and buy more tools. They got most everything for my race car so it has stalled that or maybe ended it only time will tell.
That's just terrible, the problem with such a big place like the State's it can just vanish her in Little old NZ someone would know or see it somewhere.
Don't count on that Leon, I got done in Wanganui, they took wheels T50 dog box, ITB injection system for a 3SGE just about everything I had stripped off my 7 before I shipped to Auckland for repair, they only thing they didn't take was the engine because they missed it. never saw any of it again.
Thanks John you are a bundle of joy, I'm going to get a time line for the axles today and I will work out the measurement for the other axles and let you know today so we can get them under way as well. Cheers Leon
Hey guys, just a bit of news, I'm taking 3 months off work and going to work full time on the M20 to get it finished. It has been hanging around for so long now that if I don't bite the bullet and just do it I fear it will never get finished. I have had a lot of time working on other bits for John and Rod especially the T/A for John and quite a few sets of uprights which has been great and feel free to order them if you want some but its well over due to get this car done so keep watching cos there is gonner be some updates. Cheers Leon
I'm very envious Leon, It would be great to take that amount of time off to work on the car. I'll be checking this site out constantly to watch your project zooming along. This is good news.
Regards, Udo.
Well the progress so far is, Dropped my engine off to the engine builder and have been spending up with a full Wilwood brake set up (Billet 6 pots) New fuel pump and bits from Goodvibesracing.com, M8F structural sump from ARE, AutoVerdi 6 stage dry sump pump. and going to get some M20 Valve covers from Ray at Vintageengineering. I finish work on 2nd Dec so will be into it from then so the pictures will start coming. I'm excited. Cheers Leon