Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

I say "McLaren Cars" and to hell with it after the shameful show the trust put on at Hampton Downs with that M6BGT replica with a Telstar engine that broke down and had to be towed away. I'm going to paint mine like the original. Look at all the Gulf liveried GT40s and no body cares.
Your car looks great Russell.
Cheers Leon
McLaren Automotive!



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Yep go with McLaren Russell.

I have been entering my car as a McLaren replica in everything I've done so far, and they just print McLaren in the programme and no-one cares.

Cheers, Andrew
I saw Craig Bennett's crash Saturday morning in the #101 Shadow DN4 at Road Atlanta, and it was just horrific. He tunneled under one tire barrier and hit another coming down the hill towards Turn 12.

With nothing around his body but folded and riveted aluminum, he broke both arms and both legs and his back. He will be a long time recovering.

Jeeesuss....Best to Craig.
Never met him, but I did spend a great day at their shop talking with Bud Bennett about everything to do with roadracing cars. Nice man, awesome shop with every kind of cool unobtainium on the planet.

I shoulda bought the T332 Can-Am car I was there to look at. :( Kudda shudda....
You won't be alone with the colour, or the McLaren stickers Russell, I'll be going down that path also. Everything you're doing looks great.
Regards, Udo.
Ah - typo - here's what he said -

Driversroad <[email protected]> May 4 at 10:38 AM
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thanks much, I will take care of them

Steve Petrosky
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On May 4, 2016, at 7:58 AM, mccanlessdesign wrote:

Steve -

I enjoyed speaking with you briefly at the Mitty. I'd gotten a couple of the orange M8B t-shirts, and a matching color artwork and side engineering view.

Some McLaren fans and buddies in NZ saw and liked the shirts, and asked me to pass on your name to them on the website (three guys have scratch-built Can-Am replicas; two M8Bs and an M20 at least).

So - you may get some orders from NZ and Oklahoma.


A little help thanks, there were some posts in the last week or so showing I think Andrew Stewarts and a Lola T70 various alignment set ups. I did faithfully write them down and stored it in a safe safe that I can not find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction thanks.
Even more help required, as I was changing my rear top link for a slightly longer one, I had let the wheel `hang` out which in hind site was pulling on the CV. Whilst busy on the lathe, I failed to notice that the RH half shaft had been pulled from the diff and dropped all the gearbox oil on my floor!!!!! I tried to simply push it back in place but it would not budge, it still rotated so am faced with removing the axel ( I had only just locked the nut lock tab earlier thinking that was all done!) so that I can work the half shaft back in place.
QUESTION. is the half shaft spline `keyed` to only fit in one station. I would have thought that there should also have been a locking bolt up the centre?
My box is an Audi WW 01 012 301 10 3 with AMK12109 also stamped on the bell housing and is very similar to the one pictured.
At least the oil was crystal clean...cant say the same for some of my old towels....
Any help would be appreciated.


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Not very aero dynamic? maybe I should wait for my sheet metal man to roll me my wing panels.
I have painted the car but not the happiest with what I have done, looks great at first glance but I am fussy being this close to the end. Now looking for a tame car painter to put on an acceptable top coat.


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