McLaren replica build base on a Manta

Well done Terry.

Nice to see it out of the shed,I bet your knowledge has tripled getting through this one.

Should wear a suit, the fire is just as hot in practice.

Thanks Terry, That is a very cool "Z" and lots of pretty neat features you built into it. Where is it these days?

I agree with Jim, Cheers Leon.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
St Petersburg, FL, in a well-kept garage, and well cared for. The owner has several unique Zs, and hosts an "open house" each fall, which brings in some pretty neat Zs as well.
`HYDROLIC EXCAVATOR YELLOW 2k paint is really close, Mclaren( trust ) used it and so did i.
i can get you the numbers if needed.
Cheers Russell

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Mine my be a bit too orange, but I won't know until I get it out into the light of day. Russell's yellow looks pretty good. I guess I never understood the description of orange cars, when they were really a hue of yellow (in my humble opinion).
To be honest with all the "The BS from the Trust" if you paint it the "Right" colors I had been thinking of going to a completely different color scheme but after seeing the color in your car Terry it's bought me back to the orange and black with blue wings but it's a while before I'm at that point so will probably change 5 times more yet.
Yours does look great and I like the brighter color, Ford have a similar orange (Metalic) in there color range that looks great in the sun light.

Cheers Leon

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I was looking for something that was easy to duplicate years down the road if needed, so a fleet color was a base-point. Included in this was a requirement that it had minimal components (4 vs many different tints for example). I finally rested on a Fiat color "Arancio Narciso" (519A). But it was a tad too red for me, so it reduced the red tint by about 17%, and then increased the yellow tint by the same number of grams lost by the red (so that the weight of a quart/gallon/whatever was the same total weight as the unchanged fleet color). This resulted in a seemingly simple 4 tint orange that was more yellow than original, yet still based on a fleet color if I needed more later. Obviously John's or Russell's color suggestions are even simpler (over the counter so-to-speak).
To be honest with all the "The BS from the Trust" if you paint it the "Right" colors I had been thinking of going to a completely different color scheme ....
Cheers Leon

Hi Leon, I have a clear view on that stuff - I call my car a replica whenever I describe it and enter it in anything, and I painted it the colour I wanted (bit too orange as it turns out!). I wouldn't bother one iota what anyone else reckons. Cheers, Andrew
Imagine the angst when my car ( #4 Bruce McClaren car ) sits along side my original #5 car!
That car was displayed in the last Speed show in Auckland fully dressed as a McClaren replica by the current owner with no drama......can't wait.
Cheers Russell.
Didn't the McLaren trust sell their own car back to the States, Russell?
Thanks to you guys there are probably more Replica McLaren sports cars here in NZ than there is ever likely to be real ones... unless they bring a group of Can Am blokes down again for a visit..

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Gave up a 65 mile bike ride this weekend to finish the overall painting. Now on the the detail painting and the many blemishes that need to be wet-sanded and polished out.


That's great! the color looks perfect in that light, with some Gulf decals and numbers etc it will look the dead right thing. You are to be commended for what you have achieved. Bloody awesome. I am very envious I can tell you.

Cheers Leon.
Hell of a nice job Terry, incredible build.
Painting in the garage one would expect a few blems, oh well. If you put enough clear coat on - you can sand almost anything out :)

Must be a sight seeing that coming down the road at you.
Riding 65 miles is a problem on a number of levels. One - it gives you too much time to think of all the stuff you COULD be getting done on your project while pedaling your brains out.