MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

I think at one point there was discussion about using a dab of epoxy to
help secure the rivnut. I also believe there was talk about using
helicoils and epoxy.

I've taken off the 0.5mm aluminium panels (polished) and used them as templates for the final 1.4mm standard aluminium finish panels. They've turned out well but I'm now wondering if black powder coating is really necessary as I quite like them plain brushed aluminium finish. Opinions ?


I think it depends on if you like the look when the cars on the ground. The black (matt or satin) will tend to make the car look lower while the bare ali look will tend to accentuate the height and make it look taller.

Black it will be then..

I've managed to find an original Le Mans marker light (From a WW11 Lancaster Bomber) in it's original packaging from another forum member, Craig B. Very pleased with it as I've been searching for some time for one. :thumbsup:


Martin, dont powder coat them - it will all fall of in no time, ( I have one in the shop that the guy who built it spent a lot of time and money on - it now looks aweful. ) Call me for alternative suggestion, Frank


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Powder coating will adhere well if the item prepared correctly cleaned and pre treated. Architectural aluminium last for years outside, even with road salting.

Steve's right. Without the correct preparation, powder coating is hopeless. Properly prepared, it's fantastic stuff. A key is key......(?)
I too want to make the bottom of my 40 a little more slippery. However, I think your duct is in a negative pressure zone. The object of the section coming up from the bottom of the car in back, is to hold it down much like an airfoil on the top, but with negative pressure. I am sure there are those here that know more than I about this. I would check that out with someone who knows about air flow. BTW I love your build. You are doing a great job of personalizing it.

Thanks Bill,Steve,
I know the duct negates some of of the airflow but I'm also trying to replicate as close to original as possible. Here is a photo of the bottom of an ariginal MK1. You can see where I was going with it. 1075 has a more curved duct, and that's what I chose to replicate as mine will be a gulf spec car.


I wanted to utilise the original ductwork that I installed some time ago in the rear of the car so I've made an air box to channel the air from one of the ducts into my engine oil cooler. I fabricated this to mount about 2" above the bed of the chassis at that point in order to avoid any clearance issues with the battery which is located in that position on my MDA. Next is to make the bracket and secure the oil cooler to the box.


hi martin .....loving the vents.....when do you think you will have your car finished, any ideas on colour schemes????you going to try and get it finished before the SVA changes??
Hi James,
No chance of getting it done before the test changes, but I am going for stack injection which should give me reasonable emissions. Exhaust db should be o.k too with the MDA silencers and the other mods I can handle. I'm making sure everything I get is E-marked.
Colours will be Red with white stripes. Probably Rosso Corsa, as I've seen others in that colour and it looks great on a GT. Although I'm replicating a gulf style car, I've shyed away from the Gulf colours. Not sure about finish date and i don't want to push myself too hard but realistically, I'm thinking Classic Le mans 2010. Should get my engine soon, then I have all the major components minus the brakes.:thumbsup:
Here's hoping for a prosperous 2009.
Hi Martin

Great work. Just would like to share some "thinkings" about the ducting for the gearbox. I don't have the magazines here, but I remember, that the linden green spider was a feature in one of the last classic car magazines. There, you could see the ducting for the cooler.

I don't know the position of the cooler. Regarding your photos, I suppose, it is on the front of the hole, you have cut out for the duct (in driving direction).
If yes, there would be (for me) several risks: If you are in the gravel, or if you have mud, the part is like a shovel. Even if you protect with solid grill, this would be too risky for me. I also don't know about the "air-flow" in your engine bay. If (always in driving direction) the air will arrive on the backside of the cooler, you will produce a counterflow. So why dont you just put this beautiful duct inside, in front of the cooler, make the hole in the backplate and cut in the back plate some ventilation slots.

Further advantage of this layout (if you have enough space inside) would be some kind of "heat protection" for your gearbox-cooler) from engine/header-side.

Don't missunderstand this, I am also thinking about, to make a gearbox-cooler. And I would like to try it this way.

Regards Marcel => And of course all the best for 2009.

We are looking forward to see some more pictures from you !