New Shelby Cobra !

Nice ride! I'm still leaning towards the GT 40. If I can't get that, there's always a nice used Contach for around 55k-60k
Yeah, just passed by the bookstore the other day and saw that on the cover of the Road and Track or Track Auto, whichever it was... looked neat, and evidently has some big power!


Ron Earp

Personally, Cobra's should have V8s as should GT40s - Ford V8s. If they can't get the power they want from a V8 they just need to make it bigger or add more boost, that is all there is to it. Let Dodge have the V10 thing to themselves along with Porsche.
The only things about the new Cobra that grab my gorilla, are the 605HP and the neat looking injection system. The rest of it, Ford can keep! To me, it looks like one of those boxy prototypes that never should have made it any further than the drawing board!

Pete McCluskey.

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I agree with you Bill I think the car looks crap, although
it might look better in the flesh so to speak. The motor
looks like a real neat package.