SL-C in 1:12 scale


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How many of you out there would like to purchase a 1:12 scale SL-C, T70 or GT40, P4 with the basic shapes in milled aluminum? Wonderful for choosing liveries and could be stripped and polished for display.

How 'bout it Fran, you're not busy enough yet.

Don't hate me for beginning this thread..................

OK...I will bite...

I have the full car in CAD/scan data (used for CFD analysis) so could actually machine one.....
you may not want one in aluminum it would be solid and thats quite a lump of aluminum...never mind the machine time....

A cast and polished one could be done though.....


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I have a software guy next door who wanted to know if there was cad data available on the body, he offered to set it up so I could "paint" the 3D image via computer. He wrote the program for some OEM a few years back me thinks.

this is looking cool.

Brian Hamilton

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I know that on theres a way to upload cad drawings and they send it out for estimates to get the part made of plastic and the like. We were looking at doing something like that for a business endeavor a friend and I explored a while back. Might be something to look into. They have a pretty stringent privacy policy I know. As for a cast aluminum one, that would be killer!! I'll take one of the GT40's, SL-C, and 917 please. Imagine how the SL-R would look. LOL Add that to my order. Hell, then I have all the ones I want and can play with them IN the house. Yaaaaaay!! These are more within my present budget. :(


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Make the plug in 1/12 or 1/8th and pull some RC car bodies off them in Lexan! Hell I'm sure I have a couple RC chassis rolling around the parents house from my youth. I could paint those up and play with them in the house just like Brian said.
I dont have point cloud data...there is no need for it.....those cars are already established shapes ...
The SL-C was a fresh shape that I wanted to make sure worked....

Doing full cars scans is not cheap....
I dont think sending the CAD data of the body out will be something I do readily....too many bandits out there me thinks...:lipsrsealed:

Those digitized patterns are worth quite a bit of money, and a huge barrier of entry for potential competitors.

  1. I think Fran is in the Replica Race Car business.
  2. To me, that means he tries to sell Replica Race Cars.
  3. Again, it seems to me that his shop, employees, website, etc. are structured around activities that facilitate the sale of Replica Race Cars.
  4. I would think that activities that detract from selling Replica Race Cars would be distractions to what seems to be his primary focus: selling Replica Race Cars.

Again, this is what I think, and I may be wrong (my wife says it happens all the time), and I'm not trying to start a flame war (for once).

PS: Fran, if I had ANY ideas that I thought would help you sell additional Replica Race Cars, I would be more than happy to pass them on.

My $.02

Brian Hamilton

I'm on the verge of touching myself inappropriatel
You have to admit that it'd be a pretty sweet deal to be able to order a car and pick up a model of the same one you ordered and experiment with paint jobs. I think that would be an insane marketing tool as well as bringing a steady stream of cashflow into the business as a lesser priced item would sell more quantity and be able to be ordered online or for walk in customers. I mean if you could get a model for say $60 of the car you are dreaming of and work out the paint job and everything and then walk into Fran's shop yet again when you have funds in order and plop that thing on the desk and say, "Build me this", I think it'd be great.

But alas, it is time spent out of pocket from designing the REAL cars, and as we all know that's where the money is. I think it'd be a sweet idea and one you may consider, but I dunno. It's definitely something that would sell, that's for sure.

My $0.02 on the whole deal,



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I started this thread out of curiosity, knowing full well that Paul Osborne's comments were right on! Had to see if anyone was seriously interested in wanting them at a price. I do believe that IF Fran had any desire to do this, the manufacturing would be very expensive. I even asked Fran not to hate me for this thread...

Jack SL-C 009