The beast is born

I didn't see this coming, but we. . .Colin (schills) and I. . . are now officially SL-C people.

This project was nowhere, then became reality, quickly followed by cancellation, and then resurrection, all within the past few days. We have a long road ahead of us, and we are taking a path quite different than what we had originally envisioned, but we look forward to putting "The Beast" on the road in 2012. And we look forward to sharing our experiences throughout this exciting and slightly scary adventure with our friends here on the forum.

And so the journey begins. More to come!!

Fran Hall RCR

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I am excited for you guys...especially for you, Ruth as you have been bouncing around this place, and others for a while...

I look forward to seeing you guys out here during the process....

Welcome to the team.....
Congrats Artgirl! I remember the pm from ffcars where you questioned my going from a GTM to the SLC and you were having similar feelings as you learned more and saw the SLC at SEMA. Best of luck to you and Collin and welcome to the SLC fold.

Howard Jones

Well, well, well. Has California now become the most populated SLC state? Hey, great guys. It's all about the adventure. There are at least three of us in Northern Calif. You can drop me a email anytime and I'll forward my Ph #. Always willing to help when I can.

So we might be running into each other at Willow Springs next year in the fall. I hope to do a shakedown weekend there with my SLC with the Shelby Club in October.

Start a build thread and post the arrival pictures. I always enjoy the new baby pics.

Welcome to the fold! I think you'll enjoy the build process. There are plenty of SLC builders that are enjoying the build, as I'm sure you guys will be!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the "club"!

the Red Headed Stepchild of the RCR Club with my little SL-Razor (hehehehe...)
Congrats to you guys! I am still in the hoping/planning phase. None of my investments are doing very well so the dream continues.... I shall live vicariously through other builds to tide me over for now. ;)
Thanks for all the encouragement guys.

This will be a relatively "standard" build, if there really is such a thing. The focus will not be on ultimate levels of power and performance, although I'm sure the car will have an abundance of both. Instead, the focus will be on day to day driveability and interior refinement. Also, the budget is limited so smart, educated, and realistic choices will be important. VERY important.

This car MIGHT see 1-2 track days per year, but it will be driven 99% on the streets here in urban LA. So the engine will most likely be an LS3. The power from an LS376 is great for relatively little more cost, but the LS3 is probably a better fit for this project as it idles through LA traffic.

What else? Red gel coat. Standard wheels. Interior panels. Medium seats. Hand brake. I gather Isis is standard now, so there will be lots of learning required on that. There's a different instrument/gauge set now instead of the digidash. Moveable pedals because there will be more than one driver. Oh. . . a bit of a contradiction, but its the race tail. There's a bit of history with me on this because the first time I saw a picture of the SL-C I was pretty critical of it. I'll have to dig for that old thread on the GTM forum. I suspect its where I first "met" some of you. Since then that tail and the rest of the design has really grown on me and I haven't gotten that tail out of my head yet. Maybe the street tail will be something to pursue a few years down the road.

How could I forget. For the transmission we're going with the Griffin. There's a bit of anxiety on this, because this project will be one of the first. . . maybe THE first. . . with the Griffin. In all honesty, the world of transmissions is a major unknown for me. It seems like a used Porsche has advantages but all the different models and the required modifications are still mysterious to me. There will be lots of research I guess. I'm following a new thread over on the GTM forum, and we'll be following the development of the Griffin VERY closely. Lots of time before that decision needs to be finalized.

I'm sure there's lots that I've forgotten so don't hesitate to ask

More to come. . .


Good choices! The Griffin will be a good compliment to the LS3. The interior panels are easily covered with your choice of material (after minor fitting). Keep it simple and you'll be fine. Stick to your decisions or it could become more expensive relatively easily I'm afraid. Ask me how I know..
Congrats, Ruth. You beat me to the ordering stage. Be sure to start a build log over in the SL-C club house.



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GP style as in MotoGP, duh..I knew I recognized that speedo style. The rev limit is almost as high as my Ducati, LOL. I miss that about my was a rev happy I-4.