The SLC Clubhouse


You can now move my SL-C build to the new RCR sub-forum to add to the group.
No Doc, you cannot be moved into the super secret SLC builders clubhouse. There are rituals to suffer through and hazings to be endured :knife: ...this secret society has rules you know.........Freemasons? .... they have nothing on us.

Soon P-Nut and Moeller+ and the scourge of the rotary rotating Earth - RX Heaven - will want in too. Then there are those guys who live in the frozen tundra - Lindemann and Alexus .... our standards are obviously low (lord only knows how I got in here).....but we gotta draw the line somewhere ya know :laugh:

:) I hope everyone had a Nice Christmas and all the best in the New Year

Howard Jones

Does anybody have any pictures of their door installations. I could use any you guys might have. Door latch inside and out, door jam with hardware installed, bottom hendges inside and out, outside door release, inside door release, and any linkage you might have. Thanks in advance.