the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Hi guys, a Matich would be nice, but ive already got hold of a little Lotus 23B body,
plan is a Honda K20Z4 Type R engine and at present trying to sort out a trans for it
450kg with 250hp should be quick enough for me.
cheers john
Well the big day came and my baby is off to her new home, a bit sad to see it go in the transporter , but thats how it goes.

Thanks for watching and especially for all your words of encouragement
And also a special thanks to Fran at RCR, leon, and Russel, without who's help i would never have got there.
cheers John
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well the macca's got some colour on, I reckon Brets done the ole girl credit with the paint job, she looks a treat, heres a link to a short walk around video with the engine running. you have to be on facebook to see it though


next a test run.
cheers John
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Hey John, The colour looks fantastic. Would you mind sharing what the colour is called, or the code, or whatever. It looks spot on.
Regards, Udo.
WOW!!!! what a difference paint makes, that looks awesome. I'm starting on your uprights this week, done my last shift last night and was in the workshop today so its all go for 3 months and hopefully at the end I will have a paint job like that to show off. When are we going to see some track time on this car??
Thanks guys, its getting sign written in orig livery some time this week, then its a wheel alignment, tune and track day for testing, hopefull one day before X Mass, dont worry i will definitely be posting some onboard vids of the day.
cheers John
John that`s just spot on! really makes me want to dust off the moulds and get laminating just so that I can put some paint on.
John, the color looks great! When I googled Audi Papaya Orange, it usually came up as a metallic color. Is it a basecoat/metallic clearcoat type?

Also, I could not get to the Facebook video using the link you provided. Is there a trick I need to use to see it? Thanks.

Looks amazing, I see he has gone back to the original header system you made, any particular reason for the change?
Thanks for that colour info John. The car looks fantastic, The roundels and the signage finish it off beautifully. Just got to hear it now.
Regards, Udo.