Want 8 stack EFI

For whatever it's worth, I have the Emerald ECU system, coil packs and AT power throttle bodies on my Jaguar E-type. Runs fantastic.

Bill Musarra

Not to throw a wet towel on things but things can go wrong. I had the coil packs and no distributor(351 Windsor). The engine ran well for a while and then started getting some cross over and backfiring through the injectors(intake stroke?). I traced every wire and connection to no avail. The backfiring would occur while cranking and that was enough to break the teeth off of 4 ring gears on the Porsche trans in one month. I switched over to the distributor and MSD coil. It cranked the first time and has run flawlessly since. The only suggestion to those that go the locked distributor and coil is to get the 6A or 6AL which ever has the rev limiter. Mine doesn't and I plan to switch over