Avro Vulcan XH558

David Morton

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As mentioned in earlier updates on our main Web Site, our current Cash Reserves run out next month.

As part of our 2010 initiatives, we have now contracted a professional PR company to follow up the large advertsing campaign that has been running through the summer.

They are convinced they can grab the headlines & bring us even more supporters. They want to sell "doom & gloom" stressing how important our aircraft is to the Nation's heritage. and frankly, this grabs headlines - so they are almost certainly on the right track (PLUS they have some really useful contacts and might just get us national coverage!) Certainly, when the Mail on Sunday ran the story last time around then that's when our fortunes turned for the better.

It is the aim of these newsletters to give you the latest “inside track” on what we are trying to achieve and the progress we are making. Some very exciting developments are in planning, but that does not alleviate the impending need for cash.

You, our core supporter base, will play a very pivotal role in our ultimate success.

So, don't be too surprised if you see some 'doom & gloom' reports over the coming week. In fact, if you do, then be very excited because it would mean the PR company was right & has some very useful contacts! It will also mean even more supporters coming our way

Do await more details on our Web site and the next e-newsletter.

So what are our immediate goals?

  • To secure the Aircraft's flying life for at least 3 more years.
  • To establish a public accessible Hangar as our operating base.
  • To celebrate the Diamond Anniversaries of the Vulcan type and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 2012
  • To leave a legacy of inspirational and educational resource built around XH558 and other aircraft of her type.
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I'm fortunate to live near RAF Lyneham and saw the Vulcan fly 30ft over my head a month or so back.

When I was young my dad was posted to RAF Waddington where the vulcans were based (if I remember correctly). We used to go and watch them taking off and landing.

It's easily one of my favorite aircraft and it always brings back fond memories when I see it flying.

Thanks for posting!


Ron Earp

One of the coolest aircraft of all time. Never seen one in person though but sure would like to. Thanks for sharing.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter

At the end of August each year there is a show put on by Brooklands museum called "Dunsfold Wings and wheels"

They invite the GT40 Club along to do "high speed runs along the runway" and then there are numerous air displays from tri planes to Red Arrows and the Vulcan.

Amazing to see - and what a noise!

Hell I recon I'd even get you a seat in a GT40 for the day - perhaps even in the driving seat for the runs

As a Met forecaster at Goose Bay, CYYR, saw Vulcans heading home to GB after a stint of low level training flights. Mighty impressive take-off. steep turning climb after lifting of the ground. Used to brief RAF flight crews on their return trip home.

In comparison a B-47 had a very long take-off roll before becoming airborne.

Jim Craik

Lifetime Supporter

We have one here in California, the Castle AFB Museum has one on display, with an SR-71, a B-36, B-52, B-47.....................

Its a great spot to visit.

Don't know if this is true just came across it on another forum.

Unfortunately next year will be the last year we are ever likely to see a Vulcan flying, the Vulcan trust have decided the airframe requires too much work to keep it flying and will stop at the end of the 2013 season. Such a great shame the RAF or Government can't step in to keep it going after all the effort and money that has gone into this project.

David Morton

Lifetime Supporter
Unfortunate but true.
The trust have decided the cost is too much and could not guarantee the work on the wings would be successful. Sounds like main spar. Additionally no more airworthy power plants beyond the display season 2013. They recently aborted at Finningley and closed the airport for most of the day but used another precious engine.
If only............
I feel fortunate to have been able to see it flying (overhead at the Goodwood Festival of Speed a few years ago). Unfortunately, as expensive as cars can be, airplanes are more expensive to operate by orders of magnitude, and in this day and age, the money just isn't there.

I find it amazing that the UK government funds the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, an expensive undertaking. In these days of fiscal austerity, it does seem like a real extravagence, but I'm glad they're still doing it.

I wonder if the British public really knew about it, if there would be a hue and cry to do away with it?
Unfortunate but true.

Very sad :(

I am not really into planes but I remember seeing a Vulcan at an air show when I was 13 it along with a Harrier jump jet, Concorde and the Battle of Britain memorial flight left a lasting impression.

and in this day and age, the money just isn't there.

Sorry to disagree the money is there the government just prefer to spend it on other things.

Shame they can't secure some lottery funding.


Successive British Governments have proved over the past 50 years that they will have no truck with sentiment or heritage, preferring to cut up and destroy billions of £'s worth of cutting edge planes and buying inferior foreign designs.

Once the most vibrant plane manufacturers and designers in the world, now relegated to making razor blades.

It has been the same for our motorcycle, car & ship building industry.

One of the many causes (including poor middle and senior management) is the blind adherence to the rules of the EEC which forbids Govt subsidies to industry.

All well and good if everyone abides by the same rules, unfortunately, many do not. Many people in Europe, for example, are driving around in cars subsidised by the French tax payer without their knowledge.

Pete McCluskey.

Lifetime Supporter
Lamentably its the same here. I remember a wonderful little plane I used to fly
called the Victa Airtourer. Fully aerobatic and terrific fun to fly. It was designed in Australia and manufactured by Victa who also made lawn mowers.
The Australian Government refused to give Victa Tariff protection and the Manufacturing Division was sold to New Zealand.
Ironically one of the first and biggest customers of the Kiwi manufacturer was The Australian Airforce.:stunned:

AESL Airtourer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia