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Seat belt clip?
Winner winner chicken dinner! That didn't take long ...

My harnesses have a bunch of extra length on the part that wraps around the harness bar. I've been using zip ties to keep things tidy but really didn't like the look. I figured this would be a neat project for getting my feet wet with learning the basics of the modeling program (fusion 360) and getting it printed. Turned out pretty well I think!





Cam, have you installed your Tesla parking brake calipers yet? If so, how wide spacer did it take to fit over the 30mm rotors?
I mean spacer to widen the calipers.
Hey Johan,
I’m still playing with the caliper bracket, trying to get the caliper located just right. However, I don’t need to run a spacer between the caliper halves to fit over the stock rotor width. I’m on holidays but when I get back I’ll measure the pad to pad separation to inform what the max rotor width is for this setup.


Great Cam, I just recieved the switch from Jon Haas and expecting the Tesla calipers within a week. Don’t think the RCR supplied parking brake setup will pass inspection here.

Joel K

Hi Cam,

Have a question for you, I am installing the ball joints and mine look similar to yours and wondering if you had to trim the edge of the front ball joint plate down to clear the rotors? It mentions this in the manual and wonder if you had to do this adjustment.

I have included this pic of your suspension with a yellow arrow pointing to the area of concern. Thanks for your help.

Hi Cam,

Have a question for you, I am installing the ball joints and mine look similar to yours and wondering if you had to trim the edge of the front ball joint plate down to clear the rotors? It mentions this in the manual and wonder if you had to do this adjustment.

I have included this pic of your suspension with a yellow arrow pointing to the area of concern. Thanks for your help.
some balljoints need to be cut, some don't, depends on the manufacturer - different ones have different over-hang.
Wow - it's been forever since I last updated my build thread. I guess since I'm no longer in the "build" stage there are fewer interesting updates. Looks like the last time I posted here was back in January - boy, have things really changed in the past 6 months! I'm still kicking and I'm still enjoying the SLC. The first half of 2020 saw a tremendous number of changes for me on a personal level (apart from, you know - a global pandemic).

I received a voicemail from a former colleague from the "good 'ole days" with a proposal for adventures located in the middle of nowhere Colorado. My wife and I were fully committed to staying in San Diego but my wife talked me into hearing him out - so we hopped on a plane and flew out for a facility tour and some cool tech displays. It didn't take long for me to remember how much I enjoyed the startup environment and if I'm being honest, I was starting to feel a bit stale at my day job. My wife knew immediately that there was no point in putting up a fight so she encouraged me to take on this new job, knowing it's what I needed to really feel useful (professionally) once again.

I accepted the new job at the end of February, just before the pandemic really locked things down. It wasn't until June that we were able to finally make our move to the Denver area. I loaded up the UHaul and my father-in-law and I caravanned West to our new home.

SLC loaded up and ready to roll out ...


The SLC attracts attention everywhere ... we had a good number of instances of drivers driving too close, braking suddenly to get a better look, drifting in lanes, etc ... if you're towing your SLC be mindful of the traffic around you! This rider paused to snap a pic.

Some interesting machinery on the road ...

We came across a brush fire which shut down the only road leading to our first night's stop ... 3.5 hrs later and we were able to find a Motel6 for the night (eew), I think there was dog vomit on the floor next to my bed.

At our next stop, rain threatened to ruin our fun. I realized I'd never tested my door seals for water intrusion and I got super paranoid - a roll of blue painter's tape to the rescue!

It turns out my door seals are actually pretty decent, I'll have more info on door seals in an upcoming post.

Last stop, finally home! The property values in this area are much more reasonable, allowing me to upgrade to a 3-car garage. I didn't realize it at the time but apparently I could have optioned for a 4-car garage, I wish I'd known!!! :(

As always, the more verbose version is available on my blog - yeah, I need to update that thing!

73. Changes

And some footage from a recent drive - I think I'm going to enjoy finding more backroads (assuming I can find the time)!

As my Colorado friends are fond of saying "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes"
Some great driving right up the 'hill', summer in the Rockies - doesn't get better than that.
Another post or two of updates;

Before leaving San Diego my father in law and I took our hot rods out for one last run through the canyons, me in the SLC and he in his 1953 Studebaker Commander.

The SLC had a slight edge in the tight stuff but he did pretty well keeping up! I particularly like this photo, it's pretty cool to be able to see right through the car when both doors are open.

We spent the 4th of July in Colorado and apparently buying fireworks is a "thing" out here, lots of neighbors went out and got a stash - some even crossed state borders for "the good stuff". Anyway, I thought it would be fun to try and get some interesting shots of the SLC - so here are a few;

This was my attempt at a red/white/blue themed photo - unfortunately the blue was a dud :(

I'm continually amazed by the quality of photos the iPhone can take, every time they come out with a step change in camera capability I feel compelled to upgrade. Yeah, I'm a sheep, but it works.

I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to get my garage into shape. There are some really awesome working garages in some of these threads - my skills and budget don't allow me to approach the level of what I've seen but here's my humble attempt at making a comfortable working space. I recognize I'm fortunate to be able to have so much.

Garages in Colorado apparently come semi-insulated; interior walls are all done up and exterior walls are just plywood and exterior covering. Garage doors are insulated. So you get a bit of a hot box effect when you park a hot, recently driven car in the garage - there are no ventilation openings anywhere and the hot air just gets trapped. I decided I wanted to finish the garage to get it looking halfway decent so I opted to hire some pros to complete the insulation and drywall.

The difference in speed and efficiency between what I could do versus a pro can't be overstated, these guys knocked it out and I saved my back, a worthwhile expense!

I did do a bit of work and installed these LED fixtures - WOW, the lighting tech these days is incredible. It's like full daylight in here with these turned on.

I can't mud or texture to save my life, another pro hire.

Now that the garage is fully insulated the hotbox effect is going to be even more amplified than before given that it'll be even more difficult for hot air to leave. Next up was a MrCool DIY mini split AC/heat pump system. This is truly DIY, with no charging required. Relatively simple to install, I opted for the 24k BTU unit.

The external condenser unit's a bit heavy, requiring an extra set of hands to get lifted, otherwise it's mostly a solo install.

My QuickJacks had previously lived under my S5, I just didn't have a good place to store them. I purchased a set of hangers made by QuickJack and now I'm able to hang these out of the way, much better!

Funny story - while all this work was happening in the garage I had to park my cars outside. I parked the SLC on my driveway and while I was at work my phone kept dinging, telling me my cameras were picking up activity outside. Turns out the SLC made for quite an attraction and I had a good number of cars drive down our cul-de-sac to take a look at the SLC.

I later came across this post in one of the local "car spotter" facebook pages:

OK! That more or less gets us current!

74. One last cruise

75. Independence day

76. Garage update


This winter you will appreciate that insulation, Cam. Here in southern Arizona we also insulate our garages but for summer.
Put that MRCOOL remote in a ziploc bag. Mine got dust in it and every time you pushed a button it would reboot. The WiFi module requires a reboot every day to stay connected, so it’s frustrating keeping my AC set. It cools phenomenal though.
Those QJ mounting plates are great, didn't know they exist and my QJs stay under my benches which isn't very clean. Know what I need to order soon.

Jealous of an AC garage! Ours are similar built in louisiana, just days it's 90 would be a blessing. Yesterday was an actual 100, not including the "feels like" temp. My shop stays low to mid 80s at night and that is best it'll get till cools off some.