Chassis 1032 Restored and Back Home

Jack Houpe

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Outstanding! Thank you for posting those pictures, I know a good friend who has his MK2 in the same color (Emberglow) but less the front mask.

Alan Watkins

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... The 1966 Holman & Moody Le Mans car were all painted in "metalic" colors, copper, bronze.........

1031 was Blue with Yellow.


But back to the restoration: if I could dream a little bit someone would write a detailed account of 1032's history and of the restoration; there must be some interesting stories of disassembly surprises and parts acquisitions.. combine that with the photographs into a multi-$100 coffee-table book. I'd buy it in a flash.
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Adam --

I'm so glad to hear that. I've been using Ken Schabow's photos as a kind of inspiration/reference in what I do with my car. How would I find out when the car going to be making any other public appearances? I would really love a chance to see it in person and to meet any of the team members.


Alan, I'm honored that my pictures are an inspiration to you. I'll be updating in the near future - had to stop posting when we started getting close.
Question--now that the restoration is complete, will this car be campaigned at appropriate events such as Le Mans Classic, or is it just going to get shoved in the corner of a warehouse or museum somewhere and left to deteriorate all over again? :huh:

These people did SUCH a fantastic job and invested so much of themselves in this project--I'd hate for it to not then result in the car being driven as it was originally intended....

Mike Trusty

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Well it is obvious that I like the base color of the car. It was my plan to try and mimic 1032 as you can see from the picture. I just could not bring myself to put the dayglow on it. Here is an article that I found on some of 1032's history that you might enjoy. The on track picture is my car at Road America in 2009. The official color is '66 Ford "Emberglo". My first car was a 1966 Fairlane GT that was Emberglo. My Pantera is one of three factory painted Emberglo cars. So, the GT40 had to follow the tradition. One thing for sure is that I don't have to worry much about another Pantera or GT40 showing up at an event with the same color.


Alan Watkins

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... I just could not bring myself to put the dayglow on it.
Mike -- I'll make a deal with you: if you paint 1032-dayglo-green on your car, I'll paint 1031-dayglo-yellow on mine (which is royal blue). I'll even put on a roundel and a "6". Then we can tour around as "the cars that DNF'd in '66 at Le Mans" show.

Mike Trusty

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Alan your car is safe from me taking on your deal. :)

Thanks Dalton. I kind of like it too.

Still can't believe I have a GT40 even if it looks like a DNF. :)

Back to 1032. I look forward to seeing it again. I crawled around it at Indy several times when it was black. I would really like to have a picture of it setting next to mine.

Thanks to everyone who brought it back to life. Mark Donahue made a statement that Holman and Moody should be proud of that went something like, "This car(1032) is the best prepared car he has ever seen". That was saying a lot from a driver/engineer like him. Now some of the same gifted people have been able to redo their genius.

Randy V

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Congratulations Adam... Your car is very worthy of the coverage.. Thanks to your efforts, this car will represent its heritage and history well... I'd love to see it in person!