Converting RHD SLC to LHD

I've done quite a bit of forged carbon skinning past several months, although on smaller objects and with 1/4" carbon. After trial and error on handful of things, will relay my procedure in hopes maybe something will be of help. This also works great on regular carbon fiber too, although you can't be quite as carefree as chopped.

I use a typical cheap food vacuum bag sealer. Normally wouldn't be useful for you, but actually would work for skirts since you can buy bag by the roll. Brother has a pneumatic vacuum sealer with a 4x4 bag he used to veneer drums years ago, now it's mine. I have yet to try it, but need to see how well it works.

- Clean part, make sure it's either black or has been painted black in case you miss a spot here or there.
- Lay down 3 layers of clean masking paper (like you'd use to protect floors of house). Put part on it.
- Using Gorilla spray adhesive, lay down a layer on part. Remove top layer of masking paper, under part, so it's on clean paper
- Start generously sprinkling chopped carbon on top and cover as much as possible.
- Cut vacuum bag to length and seal one end with vacuum sealer.
- Mix up epoxy and start dabbing it on the carbon to wet it all out. Examine and lay more carbon as needed to spots that need it.
- Peel ply, then absorbing mat.
- Slide part in vacuum bag, start vacuum sealer and let do it's thing. Let cure.

Parts seem to come out great using the food vacuum sealer, better than I expected. Attached a few pictures of random things I still have pictures of on my phone to see outcome. The forged ZL1 emblem is the latest thing, also is full carbon I made a from a silicone mold of emblem. I need to trim and do a full wet coat, they have potential.


Those look fantastic! This side skirt is coming out well, just lots of sanding. Vacuuming and peelply is the way. I don’t think I’ll do another part without it.


Allan has been making good progress. Doors and actuators are all adjusted and working well. He did have to add a bunch of fiberglass layers to the door where the hinges meets. I did not modify that area at all, so anyone building in the future check this area.

Anyone using an LS, make sure you get the corvette style throttle body. My truck style 3 bolt is too tall. So I’ll have to convert my Holley connector to a 6pin plug. Should be good to go then.

Those look fantastic! This side skirt is coming out well, just lots of sanding. Vacuuming and peelply is the way. I don’t think I’ll do another part without it.
The forged looks awesome on the side skirts. You're definitely right, plenty of sanding for sure. At least it's flat and no little nooks and crannies to get into with it. After using vacuum and peel ply, it's hard to imagine doing it any differently.
Little update. Allan says the car should be finished this week.

I also am closing on a new rental property here soon that includes a detached two car garage. I’m going to convert it into my workshop, should help tremendously with getting things done.

I still have a list of things to complete on my own, but nothing is terribly urgent. A head swap is first in the list

New throttle body
Plug for throttle body
Adapter for throttle body
Update terminator
Split rear wing
Front hinge
Wheel vents
New heads and springs
Crossover hose vent steam
Weld in bung for radiator and vent line
Clear coat splitter and side skirts
Sand center console and clear
Paint crossmember and supports
Build fiberglass heat duct for radiator