Dave Morton

Larry L.

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My very sincere condolences to Dave's family and friends.
May God grant comfort to you all as you strive to get thru this extremely difficult time...and grant you peace thereafter.

R.I.P., Dave. You will definitely be missed.
Oh my goodness what terrible news. I never met David but had contact with him through the forum over the years. A stalwart of the gt40’s community. RIP David.
condolences to his friends and family.

Doug S.

The protoplasm may be 72, but the spirit is 32!
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David is gone? Oh, my...what a kick in the (fill in with your own choice!). David was a voice of reason when the forum was all in a mess...he maintained a civil tone during those days and was one of the “good guys”...his presence will certainly be missed on the forum, as well as by those of us who have been absent on and off.
God bless you, Mr. David Morton...there are few, if any, who were a positive influence in those days (my own self included) but David was always quick with a few words of kind advice. His advice was the reason I withdrew from the political discussions on the forum...his gentle nature will always be remembered and revered.
Wish I could be there to toast him and his contributions to this forum personally...I’ll TRY to drink a tankard of ale (do we have tankards here in the USA?) to his memory, which will always be revered as a calming force among us.