Dave Morton

Ian Anderson

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I just had a call from Dave.

He apologises for being off line especially after putting some of ex GTD parts on the market.

Suffice to say on Boxing Day he managed to fall down some stairs, breaking a few ribs and a femur in the process and not doing himself much good!

since then he has been in Wrexham hospital, first ICU and now a general recovery ward.

He is hoping to get home soon but will be out of action for a while.

Get Well Soon Dave


Larry L.

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Good grief, what's NEXT???
This is getting ridiculous.
Clearly "The Force" needs to start cutting Dave a little slack.
We ALL wish him the best.



Blimey Dave you take care of yourself more in 2021, what a bloody year we are having, not as bad as Dave's mind you!!

Ian Anderson

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It is with a heavy heart that I report that Dave passed away yesterday morning.

He reportedly was improving after the stairs incident and was being prepared to leave hospital when he had a heart attack and despite the best efforts of the hospital staff he did not recover.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Viv and his family.

RIP Dave you will be missed.


Randy V

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Terribly sad news.... My heart and prayers go out to the family....
I feel certain that he has already been welcomed by Keith and a few others that have gone before him....

Brian Kissel

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Very Sorry to hear this sad news. Sending Prayers for his family and friends. I certainly will miss his presence on the forum.

Rest in please Dave!!

Regards. Brian