F-O-R-D Script on nose of GT40

Randy V

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Can anyone identify the year/model of Ford that this Script or emblems came from?

I would imagine only on the "street" versions of the GT40 - true?

As seen on this GMP model of a Street version of the GT40;

Thanks fellas...
Cortina, Zephyr, etc from around that time frame in UK. Some of the Aussie fords/falcons also used them. Check out some of the old 65/66 falcon resto parts houses in the USA, you might get lucky.
Randy, If you are thinking what I think your thinking, take a look at www.billetbadges.com/products.htm. They can make custom badging for you.
I'd like to have some kind of nose script for my SPF. I like the blue Ford oval, but since its not a Ford, I won't use one. I'm thinking of having some kind of custom script made. Don't want to step on Superformance's toes though.

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I have a vintage set if you need it, PM or email me. It has the posts but you can grind them flat and use gorilla glue.
I need and would appreciate getting your F O R D letters for my car. I own 1063P. If you would send me your email address, I would like to send you the pencil tracing of the FORD letters on my car to see if they are a match for your letters. I am redoing the previously damaged nose on my front clip and my letters are likewise damaged. Barry Simmons

Randy V

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses.

These are the 65 Mustang hood emblems;

These are the 64/65 Falcon Ranchero emblems;

These are the 64 Fairlane emblems;

These are the 65 - 67 Fairlane/Torino, 65 Galaxie, 66 - 67 Ranchero/Falcon

I can't seem to figure out which ones look most like those actually used..

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If you go to the thread "Original MKIII" on 6/2/05 by JimmyMac there are two close up large photos of the emblems. Download the pics and open them full size. If you compare - the 64 Fairlane or 65 Mustang look close but not ti. The hook on the bottom of the "F" is different, the tail on the "R" and the "D" are the same.

There was a thread of a red original that someone took lots of great closeups (an acquaintenance car - all original - he was helping to sort it out)....I recall at least one picture of the emblems I think. I couldn't find the thread though.



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Once again,Jac Mac,the Yoda of Things Ford(fortunately, the resemblance isn't physical) is correct. The letters are the same as the early US Ford Falcon. I had several and this is exactly what they look like - not the later Ranchero.As I remember,my 61 Fairlane(full size car) had them too. Looking for a photo of my '61 Falcon w/modified 292 Y-block and as soon as I find it I'll post it. A.J.
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As the cars were built in the UK I am thinking the chances of the badges being sourced from a US Ford are quite slim - as said earlier have a look at the mid 60s Ford Of Europe selections, probably a Zephyr or Zodiac, maybe Anglia.

Just my thoughts.
Hi Randy, I am enclosing a photo I took in 1967/8 of 1045 on the way to Silverstone (the exact time I fell in love with the car!) which shows the FORD script on the originals. I also enclose a photo of my car showing the letters (I hope you can see, if not I will post a closer shot) I picked up from my local Ford dealer. They were a standard display on the counter! BTW that is 1071 next to my car with a new GT behind!



Here are a few references for you as well. First is Barry's car(1063P) since he has introduced himself here. This is from the thread 66 Road Car, here on the forum. As you can see it is unrestored at present.

Here they are blown up.

I on occasion go by this shop(Melvin's Classic Ford) in Conyers Ga., about 10 miles from me, just to look around. These shots are from their catalogue. If you wander around their site for emblems, hood ornaments, exterior emblems etc., you will find all there are.

Melvins Classic Ford Parts

These are the pages for the Fairlane. You can look at the Falcon pages as well.

Catalogue page:

Melvins Classic Ford Parts


I got 2 in the UK a couple of years ago and used one. I think they are correct...I'm sure my friend JacMac can tell but anyway, it looks good enough for me. The other 2 pair I got are the little ovals that go on the side quarter panel next to the clip lock...I see it on eBay for over $300! Holy cow!

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I always understood them to be Zephyr/Consul pieces. The early US Falcon letters are not as "tall" off the body and shaped differently. Here is a link to the 62-63 Falcon/Ranchero "F-O-R-D" letters http://www.parts123.com/parts123/yb.dll?parta~partsort~A2
(the 60-61 cars did not have a block FORD, they had Ford crests)

I agree that it is unlikely that FAV would have sourced the parts from the US, heck they used Rover door locks when the could have used a very similar item from the US parts inventory (B2A-7022050 lock set has flip up covers much like the Rover piece)


Looking at the serifs, I would say almost certainly 1966 - 1971 MK IV Zephyr/Zodiac. Both used "FORD" as hood and/or trunk emblems on various models between those years.

MKIII Zephyr also used the "FORD" lettering on some models, usually on the hood.


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Indeed, Randy - Road versions only received the badges/lettering.

Another possible solution would be Burton Power in the UK. I've purchased a few bits from them, though I don't recall if the 'FORD' script/letters they offer exactly match the requirements. They might be worth a look.

Click HERE

Good luck!

Ian, those are the same as was on 1967 Mustangs. They are wider, shorter and more "script" to me than the more block lettering on the original street GT cars. These are the letters I used on my car. Although not completely original, I think they are a cool addition and not many replicas have them on as most guys are after the race coupe trim.