GT Supercars in Columbus Ohio- John Hester

Ron Earp

I'm surprised about John too and I knew about the situation with George. But, he asked 2 years ago about working with George and I said hell no, George does not do what he says he will. George scammed me, never got all the stuff I ordered, and did the same to many others - John included.

I don't agree with your assesment of Steve though, Mike, that is, of him being overly critical. I don't know Steve, but I know you and Lynn. You two fellows are, to put it mildly, easy-going and very easy to get along with, and more forgiving than most. Good traits for sure, but definitely far outside the norm. I'll give a man a couple of months to make good on things but beyond that it is excessive.

I know all the trouble Lynn has gone through with his car and is going through and all I can say is he is a better man than I. I'd have already started to ass-kicking to put it bluntly, jail be dammed. Good thing he lived in Idaho or I'd have done something rash had he lived nearby. Not saying that needs to happen with John, but it needed to happen with some of the other folks you and I and others have dealt with on GT40 related bits.

Steve, I hope this gets resolved as I never felt John was one of "those" sorts of people. That said, it is high time to get what is due if the story is indeed as you portraied.
Hi all, I have been very busy with work lately and have just started working on my car again. I have had no comunication with John at all! The way things are going I will probably have to take the loss since I don't have the time to go to Ohio and try to find John. Without question all the people I have been involved with the last five years during this project have been great,very helpful. Most have become very good friends that I talk to weekly,John is the exception to be sure. I don't know what has gone on in Johns life and I hope that it has not spoiled his dream of manufacturing a GT40, the more car guys out there the better. I guess the only thing that really buggs me about this whole thing is that he never has even taken the time to talk to me or let me know anything! I feel like I deserve at least that. I do honestly wish John the best, I also thought he was a great "car guy" and I was trying to help him however I could. I am as supprised as the rest of you that this has happened. It's time to put this behind me, forget it and move on with my project. I would like to thank all those who tried to help me, it's nice to know there are people out there like me that just want to build their dream machiens and make new friends along the way. Thanks,
Stephen Thompson

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

You da man! Doesn't taking the moral high ground feel good deep down in your soul?

With this kind of attitude, you will be rewarded and it will not end up being a net loss in the long run.

I talked to George (Custom Metal Werks) last year and made him a GT40 dash panel. At that time, ge was still "hell bent" on producing GT40 chassis. He said he had some money and was "back in the game", but I haven't heard from him since. He never talked about John and I understand why!
I have never heard a word from John Hester! I guess the silver lining in this story has to be meeting and becoming friends with Fran Hall. When Fran heard what was going on he called me and sent me all the plexiglass for the front lights at his cost and would'nt take a dime for it. He also later sold me the windshield, headlights and taillights, blinkers and door handles for what must have been at or below his cost!!!!! I have come to realize that a very big part of this hobby is the friends you make along the way and Fran is at the top of that list. I would have to say for the $1200.00 + dollar loss to Mr. Hester it was a small price to pay for a friendship I value very highly with Fran Hall. Thank you Fran for the MANY things you have done for me but especially for the continued friendship.

Hi Steve

I second what Fran said, its nice to have friends that you can rely on and trust.

Maybe John had some kind of glitch or problem that he can't talk about, people can change under pressure or with greed. I think he is acting out of character and will probably return to reality eventually when he sees the cold light of day again.



PS. I hope you get the money that you are owed.


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Hi Steve
I second what Fran said, its nice to have friends that you can rely on and trust.

Yes, I agree about Mr. Hall and it is not his suave English accent as many has suspected.

Sorry Fran, I hope we have not made you too weepy


Fran Hall RCR

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John Hester seemed like a really nice guy when I spoke with him and tried to help him liquidate some of his parts.

I know he had some personal issues and was led into the abyss by bad advice and a lack of support and commitment from those around him...

I dont think he ever acted with malice, he just made some judgement calls that put him in a position that he could not resolve.

Money always seeems to be the root of these issues......