Hand built cat show

The hand built car show that used to be at Knott's Barry Farm. Is in a couple of weeks out at the LA Co. fair grounds. I'd like to know how many folks from here will be there? What cars might you be bringing? Hopefully some others than Cobras & GT40s & Porsche Spiders. Not that I don't like those cars. But it does get monnotonis. There is only so many different things you can do to a particular car. That's one reasone I don't go much to the hot rod shows anymore. It got tiresome looking at nothing but 32s. How about some Lolas & McLarens?
Mike S.
Dang won't let me correct the title. Oh well maybe it'll spak some curriosity LOL
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My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that thing from this planet? Yeah the site wouldn't let me edit the title when I noticed the goof. But I figgured this bunch would have some fun with it LOL The date is April 14 in Pomona The HSR vintage races out at Fontanna are the next weekend 4-20-22-12. I plan on being there on Sat.
Would you believe that due to some last minute changes of plan on a buisness trip I will be in LA then, and that's the only free day I will have. Should I plan to go or are their other better car things to do / see if you only have one day (14th April) in LA?


Fred W B
Well the Hand Built Car show was certainly a let down. Only about 40 cars & not one GT40. Several Cobras & Daytonas a few Porsche Speedsters & other miss.. Only bright spot was John Coombs excellent RCR T-70. Much nicer than the McLaren setting next to him :)
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