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Larry L.

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This is no joke. I have about twelve 20 ft-long, rough-cut cedar siding boards overhead in my detached garage that were left over when my dad build his detached garage in the upper lever of the back yard at our lake house in 1970.

They precisely match the cedar siding on the home my Mrs and I bought in 1975...wherein we still reside today. So you can bet your last dime I will be keeping them 'just in case'! The darned things are probably worth a king's ransom today given the fact a 10 ft fir 2x4 currently costs over $10 (USD) a piece here locally!



Ah Mike but next question Paul will be right, but Arthur will shout louder and will get the point. He will also get an extra bonus point as he was offended by Sue getting a bonus point on the previous question. He will have no qualms in taking the bonus point although he vehemently opposed Sue getting it on the previous question for the same action. So, every quiz will end in a draw, and everyone will be happy? ;)

Larry L.

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Presently, we actually have (or HAD...I dunno if it's been caught yet) one of those big 'meows' wandering around in a heavily wooded park about 3/4ths of a mile from our place. That's where I go for my daily 'hike' a few times a week...or 'did up 'til now!

I do bring a very effective 'neutralization device' along when I'm walking thru there...but, I'd just as soon NOT get into a situation wherein I'd need to use it. My cowardly self is just naturally adverse to taking risks! ;-)