M20 Dreaming

Gidday Leon, if those are glass lucas beehive reproduction lights, I found with mine that the lenses both got hammered off in racing conditions because of their weight and the way they are retained . I went to plastic lenses which are much lighter and no more probs.

Car looking awesome!

Cheers, Andrew
The car had its first outing last weekend, no track time yet just a show. It got a lot of attention, lots of people taking photos and asking questions its not something you see at car shows in NZ. Some photos from the show, my sister took a lot she is a semi pro photographer so hope to see some good shots from her. The roll bar is higher that I would like but it has to comply with MSNZ regs so it is what it is


Getting close to the finish line now, Fitted a catch tank to the G/Box, filled the tanks with "Fuel Safe" foam, Battery fitted (turned the engine over) and rain lights work and fitted the dash hoop that MSNZ insisted on for Homologation. Just waiting for the main hoop to come back and then its down to the dyno to see how this trans is going to hold up before I take it out in public. i'll put some pics up soon
I'm still waiting for the main hoop to come back so I made a seat insert, basically got some closed cell foam and an old seat from a car wrecker and just cut and glued until I had something that was comfortable and held me snug. I have to have about 2" of padding at the back so I can reach the peddles properly as I have made it so a tall guy could drive the car. I will try to find some cover material today to finish it off.

Cheers Leon


Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Well, finally showing us you are human, and you created an ugly part for your beautiful project. Such humility! Shrink-wrap it and take it to the next track meet. That will get some attention.

Chris Kouba

Duct tape could be your friend... Official upholstery of Scuderia Kouba:

Cheap and easy to work with, and comes in a bunch of fantastic colors!