my clubman

I have had it on the road for a couple of years now
and after watching jim cowdens alloy r/f 105 build
decide to have a go at making some alloy guards
I only have basic tools so finish is not perfect wich
will match rest of the car now I need some bigger
rubber as I made them 25 mm wider
chris goldsmith


Nice, Chris. Built from plans?
I had an original 7 America and a series II Caterham long ago. Built another Locost
a few years ago as well. Lots of fun.
hello jack I had a mate building one that I tried to fit in
but was to tight so took some measurements of it and
made mine bigger as I am a fat bastard it uses pushrod
suspension with springs mounted inboard the rear has
unequal length a arms on indipendant commodore diff
motor is ls1 v8 to t5 gearbox power 260kw at the tyres
and is a little heavy compared to most clubmans at 820kg
Chris youll have to join OZClubbies forum with that beast and stir the pot, I had a Fraser with a 300hp 3SGE Toyota power plant, still miss it.
cheers John
Chris excellent work on the Clubby, I have a Westfield with a SR20 turbo.
That LS motor will rip a good skid.

I always wanted a full alloy body 7.........

love the Cobra and GT40 pics in the background. my favourite list of cars as well.
hello dave the main reason for the alloy body is
I am lazy to clean the car wd40 a rag and all done
drive it in the rain and don't have to worry about the
goes well now jim still scares the shit out of me
but I can now keep it pointed the right way
you know what I am talking about I think
I can hear you laughing

Randy V

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Chris, that thing looks totally mad!!!! Must be one heckuva handful when treated with a heavy foot!


Nice work Chris
Looks like you're becoming Jim's grasshopper. Before you know it, the 40's fibreglass panels will be sitting in the corner :poke:

hello dave the car is booked in for a couple of speed trials
in the middle of the year so will let you know how I go
but I am no race car driver randy the car is fantastic to drive
and very responsive clayton have you been looking in my shed
the glass body to the 40 is up aganist the wall and I would sell
the clubman tomorrow if jim would make me an alloy 40 body
any way I made some front guards and engine cover today so that
is it for now back onto the 40 next weekend


yes jim I bought a cheap one at xmas the dies need a bit of
dressing as leave some imperfections but I will get there
Man I'm glad I joined this site. So much talent here I learn or see something new everyday not to mention the level of craftsmanship you guys have is just insane.