my clubman

had another trackday at p/island on the 20/3/2016
had a blast
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Hey Chris, what's the deal with getting invited to a track day at PI? I have my F3000 here in Melbourne now, and want to stretch it's legs a little.

Are they mainly for road rego'd cars?
Troy it was a sprint event run by msca you enter through the cams website
and no not all cars were registered there is a 2 day event at Winton late april you have to be a member of a car club affiliated with msca
and some regulation may include no gaurds or no slicks there was one open wheeler at p/island so i dont see why you could not run.
great bunch of blokes hope to see you at an event soon

Randy V

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Nice job Chris! I particularly like the windscreen! A bit of a vintage aircraft look to it....
Very nice work , love the brass adds art to the job.
Guys what he has not told you is he machines the light buckets out of a billet.
Hats off.

I watched your Sandown flick , you need to turn the camera off before you take the helmet off, it scared me for life.

Ha Ha Ha Ha