SLC 001 Build

Decided to remake the upper firewall. In the process added an access 'window' because you just know - someday - it will save my ***. Also located and tapped all the flange mating holes. Sat the body back on the chassis (how many times now?) and bolted it all together, it's really strong, makes the rear upper spider rock solid. Since Fran says RCR now offers this flange (you won't need to make it like I did) I highly recommend ordering up.

Then there is that cool surge tank, thanks Howard. Now getting started with the fuel system, here are some bolt flanges to be tacked under the lid.


Rob, that should have a nice engine note, a blower 2 ft from you ears.

Are you spacing the expansion tank a little off the firewall to give it space to cool. If it's up against the firewall it might transfer a little heat?
Heat? Noise?....WHAT?....Speak up Cam, I can't hear you in this sweat box.
For sure I will insulate the cabin for both. Had not thought about spacing the surge tank. Thanks.

Doc Kaler

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Don't worry about the SC "wheezer" won't hear it over the intake sound next to your right ear! :thumbsup: Looks great!

I am using a 2" thick PE block as a spacer/insulator for the expansion tank.
Rob, check out the Dorman tank alternative. Don't know where you could put it in your configuration. Alternatively, space the expansion tank at least 3/4" off the bulkhead. It will transfer a lot of heat when bolted directly. A little air space works wonders. Ignore if using a reflective heat-shield behind it. Doc's solution is also a good one.
All kidding aside - I will be taking the insulation of the cockpit seriously, especially since the intake tract will be next to my ear. No "aromas" and a moderate level of engine note will be the goal in the cabin. The placement/layout of some of the components will make this a bit of a challenge, but then I seem to like making things a challenge...
"but then I seem to like making things a challenge"...

Understatement Rob, but I do too. That's what is taking us so long!
I see your throttle body is pointing forward. Does the intake piping and everything fit with that orientation? If so, why are we reversing the intake direction then?
About 2/3 the way done on these! Mr. Jones never said that is where the parts go :) Those items are the coolant tubes in my car and no, that is not the correct location for them :huh2:

Alex - The intake height on my car is very different than the stock car, so unless you wanted to make a custom forward facing intake manifold, one could not easily connect the engine air intake to the roof scoop. The stock intake is too low and close to the upper chassis x-member to make the connection.
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Howard Jones

Done. I take my hat off to real welders. Stainless isn't easy. Best I can do. I do know one thing for sure...........I can't make my own stainless headers.

The PVC pieces are the template.


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