SouthernGT Number 18

Just need to find a trimer now, has anyone got any recommendations?, I would imagine prior experience of trimming GT40 dash boards is a must for the dash but less important for the seats?
Well finally I have made a little progress, picked up this lot earlier in the week from SouthernGT, very pleased to say the least, fantastic quality and don't look too shabby either...
Still waiting on the hubs to finish being machined but great to get back to bolting bits on. I also picked up the steering arms but they did not quite fit as the uprights are JWE with Johns hubs which are just slightly different to Mick's but true to form 20 mins on the milling machine later Mick had them fitting spot on, once the hubs arrive I'll get them and the arms blackened before final fit, happy days...








Well another milestone (sort of) reached tonight, I've finally finished the A/C off, it was a job that I thought would take a day or so that has been dragging on for weeks now. I do still have the -6 fill valve to fit to the bottom hose in the nose area but it is currently MIA in the mess that is my garage! Pretty happy with end result, front suspension next :)








The Ally tank fitted alongside your Fuse Box, what is that for ? I've not seen one there before ?
Its been a while since the last post, did this car get finished in the last year or has the project been put on hold?
You´ve made a very good build log - hope you get to continue it.
Crikey it has been a while.. progress is being made albeit slowly, in fact funnily enough I've just decided it's taking too long so gonna try and push to finish next year, body is ordered with Lee for delivery next summer so it will need to be on its wheels and mechanically complete by then, to be honest I'm not too far away now.... I'll get some pics up some time soon.
Lovely work Paul!

I too wondered what that little ally box was next to your fuse box, I might nick that idea!

Which AC unit did you fit?

Keep posting!
Lovely work Paul!

I too wondered what that little ally box was next to your fuse box, I might nick that idea!

Which AC unit did you fit?

Keep posting!

Thank you...

The AC unit came from Nostalgic AC in the states, worked out cosiderably cheaper than the car builder one and didn't have the heater unit, which for me was not needed.:thumbsup:


Looking really good and its been a "long time no see". My build is behind yours but am just picking things back up again after a long break. Hope we can meet up in the new year to chew the fat on on our builds.
Update time, slowgress is being made...

Well it's been bloody ages so I thought I should post something!

I have wheels

Engine is built

Exhaust purchased

Engine going in

Gearbox too

Exhaust doesn't fit :(

Just too tall and designed for a ZF box


And panic over, swapped with a chap who was upgrading to a ZF box, happy days :D

Rear brakes and gear shift complete

Wheels on

Hopefuly get the engine fired up in the next few weeks :D