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Hi Paul,

I assume the bottom header tank connector is to feed into the water system how are you intending to do this.

Started work on the temporary dash, just using for mock up as I will get a brand new one with my body, but good to practice on and work out switch positions etc, the steering column is correctly adjusted now though so it does not stick out as far...

Small update, shiny bits arrived today, woohoo...

Yes I know the colours clash a bit, everything was going to be anodized blue and orange but when it came to the shocks form followed function...



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Well another milestone (sort of) reached tonight, I've finally finished the A/C off, it was a job that I thought would take a day or so that has been dragging on for weeks now. I do still have the -6 fill valve to fit to the bottom hose in the nose area but it is currently MIA in the mess that is my garage! Pretty happy with end result, front suspension next :)






Well not been up to much lately but have tried my hand at anodising some on the alluminium parts I have, I'm going for most parts being either blue orange to match the body.

All the equipment required cost about £70.00 and should keep me going for ages, I tried an initial test run on a couple of small bits of scrap then went for it with the brake caliper mounts. I'm bloody chuffed with the results and am looking forward to doing more bits as I get them.

Brackets as supplied by Southern GT that definitely did not pass my quality control, though I'm fairly sure you will never be able to see when fitted, but I'll know....

Following a couple of hours on the bench grinder/mop

Then after anodising and dyeing

All done with this set up and about 6 hours of my time...


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Not to This Log too badly - but - Paul, would you consider writing up a narrative with pics on your anodizing process that we can host in this forum below??? I'm sure that many of us are keen to know the secrets...
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New bits fitted...

Just waiting on the steering arms and anti-roll bar then save up a bit more to get the rear suspension on.

Fuel pumps delivered too, so looking forward to getti those fitted and finishing off the fuel lines.


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Those fuel pumps look strangely close to the SW240A Stewart Warner! Nice find!!!


Congrats Paul,

Your build is looking seriously good, Hope to maybe re-start mine as and when the family health issues abate.

Thanks guys, means a lot. Nick hope things are ok for you and your family, really look forward to a catch up soon and hopefully seeing your build progress too.
Bit of a result today, collected one and a half hides, approx 3m x 2.5m in total of Rolls Royce's finest "Rose Leaf" leather, hopefully will be enough to re trim the seats and also the dash, I'm only 98% on the colour at the moment as although everyone that sees it says it's dark grey it does in certain lights have a green hue, I think I need to lay them out in the sun to be sure but really hope to use them as they only cost me £30.00 :pleased:

Got a few friends at RR and occasionally they sell off old stock to staff, so just lucky with this one, though I believe a fair few £££s worth was sold.